Pelosi overthrows pass…No Touchdown

Before the “team” is even in office, new quarterback for the US House, Nancy Pelosi has attempted to her first long throw pass….backing John Murtha for House Majority Leader over the more qualified Steny Hoyer! Her long throw missed and Rep. Hoyer was elected by a clear victory of 149-86.

With the apparent great divide within the Democratic party, between the far left liberals and the more conservative Blue Dogs, Nancy Pelosi would have been well served to stay out of the “public eye” regarding any endorsement in her soon-to-be new quarterback role.

It becomes laughable to the public when Pelosi begins spouting her “ethics reform” and “root out corruption” speeches and then announces her endorsement for John Murtha, apparently putting her personal feelings ahead of the Party.

John Murtha if far from lilly white and doesn’t even come close to “egg-shell”…..he has been involved in corruption as far back as 26 years ago in the Abscam bribery sting (although not convicted), to abusing his power on the House Appropriations Committee giving contracts to companies his brother and former aide were involved with. In fact CREW (Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics Reform), a left-leaning progressive group, Honorably named Murtha to their 20 most corrupt Members of Congress list (which has only 4 democrats listed) and “slammed” Pelosi for her endorsement. Murtha is also infamous for calling for an immediate withdrawl from Iraq since the war is “unwinable” and calling our Marine soldiers “killers”. How John Murtha continues to be elected by the people of Pennsylvania is absolutely amazing to me!!

So…back to the quarterback, Nancy Pelosi, with her first loss before even becoming Speaker of the House…what else can we look forward to? Will her personal agenda continue to outway the good of our country? She has already shown that her “promises” were apparently only for the campaign trail and she will revert back to the “screaming liberal” we all know her to truly be!!!

A note to Nancy Pelosi and the Dems…We the American People will be watching!!

For some great reading to go Wake Up America.


2 Responses to Pelosi overthrows pass…No Touchdown

  1. This is a wonderful comment about Pelosi that I found on ShallNot Perish blog . . .

    . . .”This more than anything makes Pelosi’s claim that she will bring ethics and integrity back to Congress make me want to vomit Day-Glo. Sorry for the visual. It’s about the only way I can truly capture my disgust with her hypocrisy. And yes, a woman who’s probably one of the richest if not the richest PERSON in Congress who professes to be for the working man and Union labor (and who won the 2003 Chavez award from the fruit workers union) while using only non-union labor in her $25 million Napa vineyard, 30+ restaurants and hotel (most of which is likely illegal immigrants) should have her picture in the dictionary next to the word. To spell it out for those who haven’t been beaten enough over the head with it yet, she DEFINES hypocrisy.”


  2. Faultline,

    Thank you for the quote from the ShallNotPerish blog. We will really have to keep a vigilant eye out on ALL of these elected officials, but we have some deep seeded problems with the Far Left Radicals!! Pelosi has definitely shown herself to be hypocritical, which many of us already knew, and I can almost guarantee that these “traits” will rear their ugly head again! You can only “pretend to be someone you’re not” for so long then the “real you” is exposed…as we have seen over and over with these FLLDs (Far Left Leaning/Liberal Democrats)!!

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