KRAMER from Seinfeld a Racist?

Okay, I’ll admit it…I must be one of the only people in America that was not a “Seinfeld” fan! Just wasn’t my “cup of tea” and I could take it or leave it….never felt I had to rush home and take my phone off of the hook because Seinfeld was on and I didn’t want to be disturbed!

So, since 1998 we have had the Seinfeld reruns….ohh yahoo! But what about Michael Richards…better known as “Kramer” since that time? You would think with such a “hit series” and his infamous role he would be doing well…right!? Wrong….

So now we are to “current day” where he was doing a stand up comedy routine at the “Laugh Factor” in California. Okay, he was “heckled” from the audience with comments like “you are not funny”….! Was that wrong, well, technichally, in my opinion, if you do not like an act you just get up and leave..but that is not what happened! BUT, because of that, did he have any right to unleash such horrible rants that the audience began getting up and leaving…then himself “storming off stage” without so much as a look back?

Although I am sick to death of “pc” this and “pc” that….his remarks and comments were way over the line…very rude and crude!! Should his apology (most likely due to pressure from Seinfeld himself) be accepted? Not so fast, I say!! Sometimes we have to realize that there are consequences to our actions and must suffer those consequences!!

He says he is not a racist………….but in a moment of blind rage when all senses seem to fail you…it appears what spouts out of your mouth, with no hesitation, is clearly how you feel deep down!! And he didn’t just spout a comment or two..then regain his composure and apologize immediately, he went on his rant for TWO solid minutes, which is quite a long time in the scheme of what he was doing!! In fact, enough time for the audience to be revolted by his actions and begin leaving!!

So, will Richards suffer any consequences….I believe he will, and rightly so! I think that producers will have a “hands off” approach to him as these remarks will not be easily forgiven or forgotten by the general public…and people will boycott anything he will be in! Remember the infamous Dixie Chicks…????

Richards is also slated to be the voice of “Ace” in an upcoming animation called “Cat Tale” which is currently in pre-production for release in 2008. Will they keep him now? We will watch and see!

My big question is WHY do these “celebrities” think it is okay to rant/rave on stage as their “platform” when they get pissed off? We had the Dixie Chicks, Barbara Streisand, etc! Who in the hell do they think they are anyway!? And then THEY have the nerve to not understand why people get upset, boycott them, or call them to task on their attitudes!! They all need to get off the “pedestal” they have placed themselves on and join the “real world”!!


7 Responses to KRAMER from Seinfeld a Racist?

  1. Michael Richards (Seinfeld’s Kramer) is a dispicable racist. Although he’s a rather minor celebrity, the extent of his racist ravings was so reprehensible that the entire nation has taken note. He’s finished in Hollywood and elsewhere. I wonder, however, if in an odd twist of fate, his rantings have not brought the issue of political correctness and playing the race-card out into the open?

  2. Fautline,

    Thank you for your response. However, I am afraid the Hollywood left will attempt to let him have a pass and it will have to be THE PEOPLE that stand up against this type of hatred. I don’t think I even saw anything about it on the news today…..but remember when Mel Gibson had his “drunken” outburst? We heard about it every single day…day in and day out for weeks!! Remember, Michael Richards is a far left, radical liberal!

    I also heard something interesting on Rush today, and checked things out and this caller had a definite point…..Jerry Seinfeld was on Letterman Monday night (last night) to promote his…what….DVD 7th season set to be released on..when…TODAY!!! Seems like this “apology” could have been a huge set up so that it didn’t hamper those DVD sales! Ya think that could be!!???

    Also heard a replay of that so called apology…did you notice….it was all BUSHES FAULT due to Katrina and the war!!! Yep, that was a definite apology and taking responsibility!!! GAGGGGG!!!

  3. Looking outside the box says:

    I think it is being blown all out of proportion. Yes, he should apologize for his behavior because it was wrong. On the other hand, he is a human being who made a mistake, which we all make. I have witnessed several racial comments and have had several racial comments directed towards me, but none of mine were televised or discussed on the radio. Just because he is a celebrity does not make him perfect. Just like the issue with what happened to Mel Gibson. Does anyone ever think of what goes on with everyone else in this world who is not publicized? No they only care about what happens to celebrities. We should not treat celebrities any different than we do any person you see walking down the street. This should not effect his work performance. You may not like the persons personality offset, but that should not effect their performance on camera. I have heard other celebrities of other race make racial slurs and we never expand it as much as we do when someone from a different race makes the comment. My point is we all make mistakes. Forgive and forget. How do you expect God to forgive you if you cannot forgive someone for their mistakes!

  4. Looking outside the box,

    Thank you for your comment and your visit to my blog. I do hope that you return to read and comment on my “ramblings”!

    While I agree that celebrities are not better than anyone else, make mistakes like anyone else, etc, they have placed themselves in the position of being in the public spotlight and having a public “platform” and therefore their actions are scrutinized more than the individual on the street! That’s why they make the “big bucks” I suppose!! 🙂

    As I’m sure you are aware, many celebrities use their “status” and “platform” for many different causes…some good and some not so good! And when it comes to the “not so good” they are the first ones that want to hollar and whine that they are being treated unfairly! For some reason THEY feel that because of who they THINK they are anything they want to do or say goes! That is NOT the case! The only way for “joe blow” to show their displeasure is by not buying their product, seeing their performance, etc.

    In regards to Richards, he is the one attempting to make a big play and show of an apology….even getting J.Jackson in the middle of it! THIS is one reason that I, personally, feel that his apology was not sincere but another acting job! Of course, the far left liberals rally around saying how sorry he is, ete, etc….I certainly didn’t see them doing that for Mel Gibson, did you? Did you see anyone J.Jackson rallying around Trent Lott? It just seems like when it is a conversative and not a far left liberal THEY play by different rules!

    The hollywood left has done it best, and continues to do its best to degrade the values of America, and unfortunately, we ALL suffer when we continue to allow this to happen!!

    Forgiveness for a sincere mistake is totally different than then the “Act I, Act II, Act III” we are seeing in regards to Richards. Just my humble opinion!

    Fortunately, I have never claimed to be, nor will I ever be, or get close to the goodness of God…HE forgives our sins as we humbly bring those to Him as was His promise!!

  5. mr. michael says:

    I don’t know if it has been stated above, I admit I didn’t take the time to read the comments. However, I find it rather funny that KK-Kamer’s diatribe was in time with the release of Seinfeld Season 7 on DVD. Now, I’m not saying he used racism to cause consumerism, but at last check, Season 7 was selling like hotcakes, surpassing prior seasons in sales by a large margin.

  6. Michael,

    You have a excellent point…I was thinking his “apology” which aired the Monday prior to release of the DVD was the “set up”, but giving what you said some thought… could be absolutely right…the whole thing might have been, should we say “planned” for the 7th season release!

    What better way to get the name “Seinfeld” back into the headlines big time!! Richards, I’m sure, knew the “hollywood” lefties would embrace him and tout his diatribe as a misunderstanding and unfortunate incident…..

    Great thought and comment….thanks for the input!!!

  7. KRAMER from Seinfeld a Racist?

    Yeah right, like that will happen. I’ve watch just about every episode. I watch Seinfeld every day afer work, I LIKE Seinfeld. Why does Seinfeld have to go down just because of what one of the actors said. In that case, we should Boycott Jim Webb…

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