The Countdown to Christmas

Well, Thanksgiving is now behind us which means Christmas is right around the corner!!

Did you make it through Black Friday? I did…I stayed in the comfort of my home surrounded by my “babies” (4-legged critters), and my husband and I just relaxed and enjoyed the day! I think to myself, who in their right mind would want to get out the Friday after Thanksgiving amidst all the pushing, shoving, and grabbing…and for what? There is not one single thing that I can think of I would be willing to either get up at 2 am or “camp out” all night in front of a store for…..but apparently many people have that “itch” they must scratch!! And retailers count on the “itch” to start their Christmas season off with a bang! To all you Black Friday shoppers, hope you had a great time and made it home with no bruises on anything but your nerves! 🙂

As we begin this Christmas season, amid all the tree trimming, lights, laughter, egg nog, family and friends, let us not forget a few things…

One: Remember the “Reason for the Season”…our country was based on Christian principals and although there are those that are attempting to deny our rights to say CHRISTMAS, to deny our right to have the Nativity Scene displayed anywhere, to do away with any references to God or His Son, Jesus, WE MUST NOT and WE MUST REMEMBER!!

Second: Remember our TROOPS..the brave men and women who are away from home fighting for our continued safety and freedoms! Remember their sacrifices and those that have sacrificed before them, for without these brave soldiers our country would not be the great Nation that it is!!

In support of our troops, please visit Wake Up America and send a “thank you” to our soldiers overseas!!

Do not let the political wranglings of the “war haters” and “military haters” deter our determination and resolve to let our troops know they are appreciated!!


2 Responses to The Countdown to Christmas

  1. Thank you for your Christmas Countdown. Black Friday – no thanks, I stayed at home too. I went to the Wake Up America link and followed the link to Wow! It only takes a minute to send a wonderful greeting to our troops. I forwarded that link on to several folks.

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