Saving Christmas

Well, it’s that time of year…people go back and forth due to some idiotic “pc” crap……is it “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Holidays”, “Happy Winter Holiday”…or what????

It is CHRISTMASand if people don’t like it, I frankly, do not care!! I am tired of all the political correctness floating around due to the MINORITY saying “they are offended”!! THEY offend me by being offended by Christmas so where are my rights and the rights of the majority of other Americans?


It looks like many retailers have faced the “wrath of the people” and will be putting Christmas back into the season!! Three cheers for them!!!

Walmart has announced that they will be wishing their customers “Merry Christmas” and will have “Christmas trees” and Christmas everywhere!

Other stores like Kohl’s Corporation, Walgreens Co., and Federated Department Stores (Macey’s and Bloomingdales) are joining in the Christmas spirit!!

Target has also stopped “snubbing” the Salvation Army and has announced a “Multi-faceted Christmas Partnership with the Salvation Army” by launching an Angel Giving Tree (an on-line version of the Salvation Army’s Angel Tree Program), and also donating 100% proceeds from the sale of a Limited Edition Harvey Lewis angel ornament. To read more please go to Target’s News Release.

I know there are other stores that have decided to bring back Christmas and if we are unable to shop there for one reason or another, let’s make sure to at least drop them an e-mail to say “thank you” and show our support for their decision to bring CHRISTMAS back to the forefront of the season!!



One Response to Saving Christmas

  1. I totally agree with you. “THEY offend me by being offended by Christmas so where are my rights and the rights of the majority of other Americans?” That is the big question for a lot of issues facing this country. Now the retailers are discovering that the majority have muscles to flex!!!

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