Ellison, the Koran and America

Well, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Ellison’s future swearing in to his Congressional position on the Koran!! In fact, this is my second article on this subject.

There are those that say, “let him”, “who cares”, “freedom of religion”, blah, blah, blah….

Well to me, this is NOT a freedom of religion issue!! No one will be stopping him from bringing in his “prayer rug” and “praying toward Mecca” 5 times a day, by the way, in a TAXPAYER PAID OFFICE!!! Although I personally am uncomfortable with that, not allowing him to pray as he sees fit would be a freedom of religion issue! And, as a citizen of the United States and a taxpayer, it is my obligation to support our elected officials with my tax dollars regardless of whether I support their religious beliefs!

There are then the arguments that state this is a “religious test” which is also against Article VI of the Constitution. I say this is ALSO incorrect!!

Article VI of the Constitution states: “…no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” It seems like everyone is just seeing the words “no religious test” and NOT reading the rest of the sentence!!

As we can see, the fact that Ellison is a Muslim was NOT held against him whatsoever!! He was apparently qualified to run, did run, and was ulitmately elected by the 5th District of Minnesota (despite his apparent lack of ethics!)! Therefore, Article VI of the Constitution was upheld as we can all clearly see!!

Others “joke” about taking an oath on a cookbook, their plasma tv, etc, etc….

Well my friends, I personally, do not see this as a joking matter! For an elected office to take an oath to protect our country, its people, its Constitution, and who has the lives of our military men and women in their hands should be taken with grave seriousness!!

Our great nation is made up, not only of laws, but of traditions and values that, if we do not protect, will only serve to weaken the sovereignty of our Country even more!!

Considering the majority of the terrorists are of the Islamic “faith” (FACT), base their faith on the Koran, state their “faith and their book” claims they are to “kill the infidels” (which we have witnessed through the suicide bombers, the beheadings, etc), state they “hate America and all western ideals”……for an elected official of OUR COUNTRY to take on oath on a “book” that is totally against our country and what we, as Americans stand for, but yet promising to uphold our Constitution and its laws, is, not only an oxymoron, but would be a SLAP IN THE FACE to our nation and the American people!!

For an excellent read on this subject see: The Untied States of America by Kobayashi Maru.

For a differing opinion see: Dennis Prager Dead Wrong on Ellison and Koran by Rhymes with Right


One Response to Ellison, the Koran and America

  1. Thank you for continuing to write about Ellison and this very real issue that is not a laughing matter! Regardless of weather or not a US. Representative is or is not required to swear on anything, and since Ellison himself brought it up, this is an important issue that must be addressed. I’ve quoted you in my latest blog entry today and I ask for your comments on my recommendation for a constitutional amendment.

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