Pig Races vs. Katy Islamic Association (K.I.A)

All has been well in Katy, TX……A suburban town just east of Houston. At the end of Baker Road residents have gone about their daily life, enjoying the tranquility of the neighborhood and the peace and fullfillment that owning your “little piece of heaven” is all about in America!

So why now are these once quiet, peaceful residents up in arms? What could possible have caused their “tail feathers” to ruffle?

Well, the answer is simple…The Katy Islamic Association (K.I.A.) has purchased 11 acres of property on that road and plans to build a mosque, and eventually a school and gym, in this quiet, non-pretenitious neightborhood.

They have JUST bought this property and already are complaining because of Craig Baker’s “pet pigs” and the fact that he will soon be having “Friday Night Pig Races” on HIS property that he/his family have OWNED FOR YEARS!! In fact, Baker Road was named my Mr. Baker’s family years ago!! Talk about having “roots” and ties to an area!!

Youssof Allam , a member of K.I.A. sees Mr. Baker’s pigs and his upcoming pig races as offense as “It’s (pig) looked upon as a dirty creature.”

So, my question…why the hell don’t they find another place to build their mosque? Residents and homeowners have already offerred to buy the land from the K.I.A. for over a million dollars, but another member of the Islamic Association, Alvi Muzfar, is not interested in the offer and states, “We’re not going anywhere.”

For the complete article please see Residents use pig races to deter building of mosque

So there’s the stale mate…….and here are some questions to ask yourself……

1. Would YOU want the “daily call” to prayer broadcast via speakers through your neighborhood 5 times per day?

2. Where are Mr. Baker’s rights, and the rights of the residents of that
neighborhood that have lived there for years?

3. What makes building a mosque more important than the rights of the majority of a neighborhood?

4. If Mr. Baker and his neighbors want to have “pig races” why shouldn’t they? Is one “offense” more important than another?

5. Where will this ALL end….??

For a “group” of people that say they want to be accepted, fit in, and enjoy “the American dream”, blah, blah, blah……the K.I.A. is already showing its “spots” and definitely will NOT be the cordial neighbors that Baker Street is use to having! And do you think that the complaints of offense by the K.I.A. will end with the “Pig Races”? Absolutely not…before long it will be just HAVING pigs in their presence will be an offense and so on, and so on, and so on….!! Where is THEIR tolerance? Oh…I’m sorry, it apparently doesn’t apply to them!? Foolish me…….

People, we had better wake up NOW….the majority (not all) of the Muslim population does not want to integrate INTO the American culture…they want to TAKE OVER the American culture!!

This COULD happen to you, your neighborhood, your town!! And for those that want to bitch at me, call me a bigot a racist or anything else you can think of…please go right ahead…and in fact, I invite you to call the K.I.A. and invite them to build their mosque next door to YOU and I’m sure that the residents of Baker Road will appreciate and thank you!!!

**** Update ****

A pic of pig races…not in Katy, but this is the fun they are wanting to have on Friday nights!! What’s the problem here?



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  1. We Americans have gotten quite used to losing control of our land by zoning and by foolish free will HOA’s. And just because we’ve lived in a little piece of heaven for years doesn’t give us any more rights than newcomers. I think that the neighbors are making a lot of noise about having Pig Races but won’t follow through for long. Believe it or not I’ve seen this tactic used before to no avail. They would probably be in violation of Ag laws and/or the State Gaming Commission.

    Perhaps they need to have a monthly pork rib BBQ with big signs along the road inviting all their new neighbors? Who knows, they might make some new porky converts? On the other hand, perhaps they might like to fight fire with fire, and noise with noise? Are the neighbors willing to install their own call to prayer in the form of hourly church bells and/or 24/7 Christmas Carols?

    Most likely the old timers will settle down, become complacent like most of America, and get used to the idea of a Mosque on every corner. After all, Islam is the fastest growing “peaceful” religion in the world.

    • Joel says:

      People like you are the very reason this country is going down the tube!

    • Michael Smith says:

      I agree with Joel. It is people like you, Falultline unknown hide who you are, that are dragging the USA down to a mindless nation. You obviously have NO idea what built the USA to what it is today and you have no vision as to what it will become in the future when attitudes like yours destroy it. When I was younger I thought I would be sad when I left this world. Not anymore. I hope I die before I see my country die. I don’t want to die twice.

  2. Faultline states:
    “Most likely the old timers will settle down, become complacent like most of America, and get used to the idea of a Mosque on every corner. After all, Islam is the fastest growing “peaceful” religion in the world.”

    I sure as hell hope not!! We are slowly losing our nation to those who DO NOT WANT to be in America for our ideals and our culture but to CHANGE our ideals and culture to THEIRS!!

    And although “new comers” do have the same “rights”, in my opinion, don’t attempt to move into an area and start bitching about the neighbors…you don’t like them or what they do…go somewhere else!!

    “On the other hand, perhaps they might like to fight fire with fire, and noise with noise? Are the neighbors willing to install their own call to prayer in the form of hourly church bells and/or 24/7 Christmas Carols? ”

    Don’t you know THEY would be told to “cease and desist” since it will be “offensive” to the “new Muslim neighbors”!! The ACLU and all the other “lefty radical” groups would jump in big time….as I’m sure you know, the Constitution is ONLY meant to apply to immigrants and ILLEGALS…born, breed and raised in the USA…you have NO Constitutional rights anymore!!!!

    “……a lot of noise about having Pig Races but won’t follow through for long.”

    I’ll certainly be attempting to keep an eye on this….seems like they are getting support from others willing and wanting to come to the “races” outside their area…what a great way to spend a Friday night, don’t you think!! Kind of like going to a “rodeo”!!

    See my pic in “update” under this thread….how can you not love it!!

    ‘GO PIGGIES”!!!

    • JR W says:

      just trying to keep this USA deacent and free
      from harm and it seems this is where it all starts,

    • Lisa and Jerry Ennis says:

      It is very refreshing to me that a man had the guts to say no thanks! I have posted pictures of the 250 muselims that celebrate Ramadom on the Gaudalupe River near my home in Sisterdale, TX. Where is Sisterdale? Exactly! It has set off a firestorm of folks that want to “TOLERATE” them. I don’t want to break the law but I have thought about going down there in our bathing suites and roasting a pig someday! I love America!!!! I am not coplacent! You watch and see what the old timers in TEXAS do!

      • theheeber says:

        Lisa and Jerry, you are absolutely right. You roast those pigs. We need to take back Christmas and Columbus Day too. Those are real American holidays. Not Cinco de Crappo. In Houston it’s called “Sink in de Bayou”, the day Wetbacks celebrate when that Torres kid was thrown in Buffalo Bayou by the Houston police (in 1977). We found out Wetbacks don’t float, they sink in de bayou.

  3. Susan Nuernberg says:

    I think the neighbors are being narrow minded and biggoted! The Association purchased the land and they can build what they want. Would they feel any different if it was a Bapists Church?

    • Ann Feld says:

      I bet your ancestors don’t feel that way. They came to this country for freedom and a better life.
      To bad the so-called Americans like you feel we owe everyone in this country a free ride.

      • Sue says:

        Baptists don’t purport to kill anyone who is not a follower of the Islamic way of life Susan, you moron, nor do they call to prayer so that everyone has to notice…make note I didn’t say faith or religion….I’m an infidel, so yeah, don’t want to have anything to do with them. Go, Katy…pork roasts, pig races…whatever will run them off.

  4. Fred says:

    Can American’s (anybody for that matter) build a single Church in Saudi Arabia?
    Even you can’t practice other religion in that part of the world.

  5. Just wondering? says:

    Our country was built on freedom of religion, it doesn’t matter what they do in other countries.

    • Larry says:

      Every American should educate themselves on Islamic ways. CLUE: Every Islamic country in the world has no freedoms. CLUE2: Every Islamic country in the world was not Islamic before.

  6. Michelle says:

    They purchased the land with money they earned and paid U.S taxes on. They have the right to practice their religion just as you have the right to practice yours. NOT all muslims are terrorists!! Does the existance of Timothy McVeigh make all christians bombers? Do you realize that there are American Muslims too who were born and raised here in the U.S and chose to convert because we live in a land with freedom of religion.
    It is a sad day when we have so much hatred and disrespect for other faiths…. would this website be here if a synagogue or church was being built there? So if American’s can’t build a church in Saudia Arabia, which Fred seems upset about then lets not let anyone build a mosque in the U.S either…. that’s sound logic!

    • Middle says:

      Actually, they paid NO taxes, for some reason, this CULT is considered a religion. Religion is disgusting n vile as it is, and they don’t have to pay taxes on top of it all. I hope this mosque goes down and drowns in pig manure. For those of you calling us bigots, and haters, please do your research. I’ll even get you started. Here’s something to google – “Hamtramck Michigan Muslims” – Try THAT and see what pops up!

      • Chad says:

        Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslim!

      • theheeber says:

        You go Middle. We’re not bigots, we are real Americans who wont take it any more; especially with a Raghead in the White House who is un-Christian, and un-American.

    • theheeber says:

      You need to shut the fuck up bitch, you’re probably a raghead yourself. We Americans wont put up with these filthy, dirty people trying to push us around. We celebrate CHRISTMAS, not Ragheaded Ramadan or Shitheaded Quanza. If they want to be Americans, then they need to act and dress American. Because dressing in robes and rags makes them look very Un-American, and only makes them targets of ridicule and mistrust. They can all go to hell like the dirty pigs they are.

    • DavyCrockett says:

      I realise this post appears ancient, but time to set the record straight. Tim McVeigh was an avowed atheist. Michelle’s little bit of disinformation is about what I would expect from her ilk.

  7. Joshua says:

    Muslims,Americans,Hispanics,African Americans.It doesn’t matter
    who they are or where they come from.i’ve seen and heard of wal-mart buying land in small towns all over the country then being forced out of town before building by local residents that don’t
    want their way of life wich has stood for generations changed.i see no difference here.every resident in every town should have the right to vote against their way of life being changed.in this case,you have what appears to be every resident against this build.even an offer to buy the land at a higher price.By not accepting this and simply
    finding a new place to build with a little more research behind areas surrounding the new land.It sounds like it will be a problem that will never end for both the Muslims who have the right and the Texans who have the right!

  8. Mike says:

    This news story has nothing to do with zoning laws and everything to do with thinly veiled racism and ignorance among a few Houston suburbanites. The United States was founded on the ideals of freedom and tolerance, despite the fact that Americans throughout history have consistently violated those ideals. In our country’s brief existence, Americans have bemoaned (in no particular order) that Catholics, Jews, free blacks, Italian immigrants, Irish immigrants, Chinese immigrants, and homosexuals were all ruining the purity of American society at one time or another. Today we have the same tired act, the same bigoted call to arms bemoaning illegal immigrants, secularists, and Muslims. Just look at some of the posts above!

    “The majority (not all) of the Muslim population does not want to integrate INTO the American culture…they want to TAKE OVER the American culture!”

    Replace “Muslim” with “Irish” or “Chinese” or “Italian,” and you have some vintage nativism, circa 1850, 1890, 1920, etc.

    As for the pig races, there is nothing in the Constitution that prohibits grade school immaturity, and I suppose that all the Mosque organizers can do is appeal to their neighbors’ sense of dignity and maturity. Haven’t we moved past playground, eye-for-an-eye justice yet? 🙂

    Let freedom ring for everyone in the United States, not just those with Bibles and white skin.

    • You are exactly what is wrong with this country. If you do not like “our” way of thinking, why don’t you pack up your stuff and move out of the U.S.A. Our country will be much better off, if all you “bleeding heart liberals” who are trying to give this great country away, would just leave.

  9. Donna Cope says:

    I’m shocked at all the complacant Americans I see here.in these messages. Do you so called Americans really realize that the Muslim population DOES NOT in fact want to intergrate into the America. They want to change America!! These so called peaceful Muslims, how do know that they are in fact peaceful? Has anyone really investigated these folks to see who may in FACT have ties to the radical muslim community?

    All it takes a few of them to put a called “American front” to get into this country, purchase land, and portray the look of “peaceful” muslims. Do they wonder why we don’t trust them? Do they speak out against their radical Islam.
    It would be different if they openly spoke to Americans and condemed radical Islam but THEY DON’T. That the part so many Americans miss.
    Radical Muslims are very honest, they tell us, we are in fact going to take over the White House – look at England. More of you so called Americans should wake up and see what’s happening around the world. Again, these folks are very open in their pursuits. We just don’t want to listen mostly because we don’t understand that this is in fact a war on good verses evil.

  10. Josh says:

    Although I am not able to eat those pink little creatures I sure would like to invest in that race facility! Just remember Islam is a peaceful religon, tolerant of Jews, Hindus and Christians which embraces our capitalistic freedoms. Look at all the Muslim coutries that are thriving! Somalia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Saud, Yemen, Lybia and part of Nigeria. Stand your ground…

    • Trish Roy says:

      What do you mean- look at all the Muslim countries that are thriving? I`m looking. and I dont see anything good about them. Or England either. To you it may be a matter of opinion, but it looks to me like the Muslims are bringing those countries down. It is the “free world captalists” who have made them thrive, don`t you think?

    • Sue says:

      Good grief…..do you ever read anything other than what dictates your thinking in…what…la-la-land?

  11. Bonnie says:

    I don’t personally worry about whether or not a Mosque is being built in Katy, but the fact that they are trying to run off local businesses is worrisome. Also worrisome is that they will be allowed the call to prayer to be broadcast. After living in an Arab country for several years, I can say without a doubt that it is quite annoying to hear the nasal, loud call at the crack of dawn. It is not a good way to be woken up, and would difinitely be noise pollution to anyone nearby. They should not be allowed the call to prayer, then I doubt if the majority of people would object to the mosque that much. The people should also want to integrate here, much like I tried so hard to integrate into their country when I lived there. I learned arabic, studied cultural sensitivity, and local customs. They should certainly give us the same respect when they come to our country. It helps us to all get along, and share this great land of ours.

  12. Robert says:

    I agree with Donna, they look down their nose at us as it is , We are at the brink of over population, and after this little term in iraq our goverment will let a bunch of them come here to live and put more strain on our medical and schools,
    Then it wont be long and they will want their own state like they do every place else,
    I dont want them here, and i dont care who thinks what.
    Bush commited economic treason to the American people when the Hurricans came,. whats next?
    Wouldnt they feel more welcome in Dearborn Mi ?
    Why is it our goverment thinks different than we do? I mean we voted them in office, I will admit we didnt have much to pick from, and they have learned that giving rightd to the minority gives them much needed votes…..
    Wait till the send bombers to our schools and buses? think it wont happen>?? think again, we are ripe for the picking and they have got a grudge

  13. Robert says:

    How can anyone come here and say islam is peaceful? maybe some, But I havent seen many, They kept a low profile for a long time after the trades, but they are getting braver now,

    I have never seen so many radicals in my life as I have since Bush went into office,

    I wont be votin that way again….Isnt Iran Muslim dominated? do they sound peaceful? We need Jimmy Carter in office again LOL

    Look what happened to Russia vs Georgia,
    Dont even think it wont happen here,. Ar we going to move them in on the Indian reservations or give them a state like the dakotas? Its anyone guess.
    We could give them Nevada, they would feel right at home LOL

  14. Jason says:

    We speak as if there aren’t millions of Muslims in the world. Muslims integrate like any other religion, for proof, check Michigan. The largest population of Muslims outside the middle east is in Michigan. There are little problems of violence, and compared to Detriot, a mostly Christian city, it is very peaceful.

    I agree that perhaps a community area is not a place to build a place of worship – but I don’t think anyone would complain of hearing church bells every day, many times on sunday, and durin weddings.

    I think this is mostly bigotry, racism, and ignorance speaking. Imagine Muslims protesting the building of a church by have a lamb roast. We would not tolerate and we would not cheer on the participants.

    There are millions of Muslims, if they were all terrorists – we would all be dead. Breathe, open your mind, and read a little and you will see this is not a very big deal.

  15. Anun says:

    Apparently the Muslim association ASKED Mr Baker to remove his cattle from the land they owned. Mr Baker got confused and ASSUMED they wanted him off his own land. Having misunderstood the request Mr Baker attempted to take revenge by selling Pork and having Pig races every friday hoping to Offend the muslims. This backfired as the muslims where unconcerned by what Mr Baker does on his own property. The Muslim association has since apologized if their initial request for the removal of Cattle was misconstrued. Leaving Mr Baker to feel somewhat ashamed of his actions.

    Will the bloggers are onecountryvoice now realise their bigotry and correct the misconceptions they have propogated.

  16. Mike says:

    I cannot believe what I am reading here. Do Americans with a proper education and a sound mind really believe that millions of autonomous people from different backgrounds and ethnicities behave as a unified whole? “They” have kept a low profile after September 11th? “They” don’t respect American culture? Who exactly are “they?” American Muslims? Canadian Muslims? Muslims from Saudi Arabia? Pakistan? Malaysia? China? Morocco? Islam is about more than just caricatured terrorists from the Middle East, just as my religious tradition (Christianity) is about more than the Ku Klux Klan, the Spanish Inquisition, and abortion clinic bombings. If the Bill of Rights protects steeples towering over the skyline and church bells ringing out over cities and towns, then it most certainly protects a Muslim community center and the call of the muezzin.

  17. jimbooooo says:

    the muslim community are liars and use our subjection to law to their use. The pig farmer has every right to have a pig farm. THEY are the ones to decide hwether they build there. They lie to us as they see us as as less than people. This entitles them to lie to us as one may lie to a dog to get him to do something the dog would not do. This is a great example of why real americans top believing their lies and get rid if them

  18. mitchel family says:


  19. Patrick says:

    Wow, don’t all of you knuckleheads talking about protecting “American values” realize that the founders of our great nation came here to get away from people who wouldn’t tolerate their religion? People like YOU?

  20. kim says:

    In response to the Mitchel family posting, I can only conclude that they are not well educated with very limited knowledge of Islam or anything else for that matter. They follow the classic mob mentality (similar to those who embraced a certain German over seventy years ago)
    As an American and a Texan, I consider thier posting an insult and not a very good reflection upon Katy. I was born and raised in West Texas, so was my father, grandfather and so on. Iserved in the armed forces and took part in two armed conflicts. So did my father, grandfather and so on. My wife is a daughter of the South and my kids are ninth generation Texans. I am also a muslim and a posting like that of the Mitchels makes me ashamed to be an Texan and an American. A country that we have sacrificed so much for. By the way, I am also white. Iguess bigotry lives on. You should all read the bill of rights.

  21. Robert says:

    Tell me who of you bleeding hearts can tell which muslims is peaceful and which is not, The jews are even now feeling around trying to strip us of celebrating Christmas,
    we have to worry all the time as to who we might offend.

    You wait and see who all they open the doors for after Iraq, Just like Vietnam, dont think for a minute it will be different, cause it wont

    They took over our commercial fishing here along the gulf of mexico, whats next?

  22. kim says:

    I guarantee you that this bleeding heart has been in this country a lot longer than you and has paid way more taxes than you and for generations has served this country more than you. I guess he should leave , being a muslim and all.

  23. Steve says:

    If these are “true and devout Muslims” they will sell and move away quick if there were to be but one little pig run across their property, therefore defiling said property. If these are”true and devout Muslims.”
    They could NOT use the property for anythig, nor can they use the money from the property to purchase more.
    I can not imaging what they would do if they were to find a dead pig on the same property.

  24. nick says:

    this idea that we are too complacent and that the muslims are trying to take over America is so paranoid i wonder how you can sleep at night. your arguments are irrational. for example:

    the second quote is an excerpt from the Christian bible. if you wish to read a book that has far more verses promoting takeover with violence to make all submit to the will of one peoples’ perception of God than peaceful verses, then you need look no further than any common Christian Holy Bible.

    honestly, i think this whole issue is the business of Mr. Baker and the KIA, and it is not our problem to deal with.

    • Kathryn says:

      I find it hilarious, given recent events, that these bleeding hearts who proclaim with pseudo-knowledge
      that those of us who do not want a mosque in our back yard OR near Ground Zero in NYC are bigots and racists. I studied the Muslim religion a bit and know that the way most ‘infidels’ see the Koran (or Quran) as a peaceful book. Well, the early part is – the latter is not. The way interpret it is thie – the NEWEST writings (if they contradict older ones) are to be followed. The newer passages cancel the older ones. AND they are not to worry about lying to infidels, as they don’t matter anyway. If you look at how Muslims have shut down traffic in areas of Paris and NYC to pray (with everyone afraid to stop it for fear of being called racist or bigoted) you might feel differently. I have not problem with people practicing their religion – UNTIL IT INFRINGES ON OTHERS’ RIGHTS.

      Liberals have almost worn out the use of the race and bigot cards by now, one hopes. The words no longer sting.

      Many of us want America back. If Muslims wish to assimilate, great. If they want to OVERTAKE and CONQUER, go back to wherever and join Osama bin Laden in his cave for all I care – just GET OUT.

  25. kim says:

    Please tell me how can I know a peaceful Christian from a violent one being that Christian wars have lready killed more than 2 million people this decade and over 100 million people throughout the past century.
    I had no idea that you ran across the property.

  26. Paul says:

    This is rediculous! The ‘peaceful Muslims’ are doing what most others here are saying their doing. They are trying to assimilate an American city/state in to its way of doing things rather than teh other way around. Do I think they should be allowed to build a Mosque? Yes i do, but they had damn well better be sure they want their Mosque next to a pig farm/race and if tehy choose to live/pray there than they knew what they were getting into. After all this is America and you can live/do what you want why would you CHOOSE to come into a neigborhood where you dont fit in and are a minority and try to change it? the only reason is POWER, the Muslims want power over this community period. DONT LET IT HAPPEN. If they are truly religious and faithful than they know it doesnt matter WHERE you pray to your god or what kind of animal is racing itself next door.

  27. Paul says:


    Im not religious and teh Bible may say alot about taking things by viloance etc but which religion actualy puts that into practice?

  28. Mark T says:

    I grew up just off Baker Road…Why is there a picture of 9/11 animation on the website? Are you trying to suggest the K.I.A. had something to do with that? That’s pretty rediculous and narrow-minded. Also, all residents have noise laws to follow, so if the “Calls to Prayer” are too loud, above a certain dBA from a certain distance, then neighbors can file complaints. I had to smell the pollutants from that plastic factory the Baker’s own every morning for 12 years in Windsor Park, and there was no complaining about that. The argumnent that “the Bakers were there first” just isn’t goign to cut it this time. The harm that factory did far exceeds any peaceful mosque. Typical red neck arrogance…thinking all Muslims planned 9/11. People like the authors of this article really make us Texans look BAD in the eyes of the country and the world. Bakers…suck it up. You told us to suck up your toxic vapors from your plastics factory. Carma’s a real bit*h sometimes isn’t it?

  29. Karlitos says:

    Well if the mosque can be transformed into a giant aircraft or something the Muslims there would be very glad to temporarily move to give way for the pig race.

    Surely there are a lot of other places that suits the place for the race, as it is a once-off event. To pressure the Muslim community to build the mosque elsewhere due to small differences while destroying any options to reconciliation is as horrible as Bush’s with us or against us ultimatum.

  30. hiutopor says:


    Very interesting information! Thanks!


  31. onemadcityboy says:

    RACIST 4 real, u need 2 respect people from other countries cuz they usually work harder than americans! I bet u would think different if it were a christian church. FUCK ALL DA HATAZ…

  32. Robert S says:

    From my perspective there are two types of Muslims:

    Extremeists which we are in a world wide battle with.

    Passive: Those who in prayer pray for the Muslim religious control of the world and who never actively condemn and actively challenge Muslim extremeists.

    The only reason any Muslim group co exists with any other religious group any where in the world is where the Muslim group is in the minority.

    I recommend we all watch our backs.

  33. Lola says:

    Wow like many other people have said, this country was based on the foundation of religious freedom. People moved to America to seek religious freedom from Britain and other countries. If we don’t let the Muslims build their mosque or whatever they want to do for their religious then why wouldn’t we be hypocrites. Had our ancestors not come to America for religious freedom then we wouldn’t have our remarkable country. These people have as much right as any other religion to believe and pray whatever they want. I believe we are just being racist because of the extremeists Muslims. Just becuase there is the Ku Klux Klan that doesn’t make every Christian or white person a murderer. Just like the extremeist don’t make all the Muslims terrorist. I know many Muslims who are good people and are the farthest people from harming anyone. I believe that we should stop being narrow-minded and respect each other and our cultures.

  34. Ron Reale says:

    We have come to a point were we have to realize that certain realitys exist which make it necessary to protect the freedom loving citizens of the United States from fanatics out to destroy both us and our country. These fanatics are using our founding documents, which were drawn up in a time when no one could forsee todays world, against us. Our freedom of religion clause is a perfect example. It should be amended to read we are, “free to practice any religion that does not call for the subjugation, forced conversion or death of non-believers”. Simple and to the point.
    Ron Reale

  35. Letter to the Editor,

    Mohammad Yousaf Gabriel

    Islam itself today may be round as pure and exact as it was at the time of its first appearance in the world. It is the last perfected religion for the entire mankind. It can still provide complete guidance to this world. The notion that time has outmoded the Quran is based on no grounds and emanates from sheer ignorance. The Muslims still say be found to entertain utmost love for it. The entire Islamic World is boiling with zeal for the renaissance and promulgation of Islam in to. There is a desire as well as endeavor. There is ambition as well spirit of sacrifice. What is needed is the clear understanding of this Baconian culture and prevailing circumstances. And the correct view of the Quran regarding this prevalent Baconian Culture and its logical hazards. And truly the entire world at present is so extremely worried about the Baconian ills. That it is obliged to understand the truth of Islam. The Muslims however stand in need of judging correctly the nature of the Islamic Revolution, its great extent, its difficulties, and the sacrifice necessary. Repeating the things heard in the West like a Parrot will be of no avail. Nor the blind imitation of the West will do good in any way. The Muslims will have to peep out of this present shell and will have to look and think for themselves independently. Observation reveals without exception, that the Muslims economic expert repeats merely the few terms that are to be found in currency in the West. He lacked completely any originality and is in the habit of merely churning the Western Waters. Muslims Scientists are confined to the light of the Western discoveries. The education department is a mere reflection of the Western system of education. Courts have the English, French or German law. And throughout dress, language, thought and demean our is that of West. The discussion may be enlarged and advanced to places where very little of Islamic Color could be discerned. The answer to any question about this state of affairs is always the same. And is always this, that the circumstances are compelling. One thing that appears most manifestly is that every individual of the Islamic World today is of the opinion that this existing structure as it is, should be modified and given Islamic color, and this arrangement is not generally regarded as temporary but permanent. Ask what should be the political system in an Islamic Country. And the answer will invariably be, either parliamentary or presidential and why? Because these are near to Islam. But why to seek thing near to Islam? Why not Islam itself? Why patching up? It will not work.

    • Nancy Monahan says:

      Does Islam embrace Jesus Christ and the Bible, God’s Word? “Jesus said to them: ‘I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no one comes to the Father except through Me.'” John 14:6 It doesn’t leave room for alternatives-we either come to God His way, through the Savior He provided or we don’t. How can Islam be a “religion of peace” without pursuing peace with God through His Son that He gave to die in our place for our sins so that we could be delivered from the power and punishment of sin and death?

      • bigskyguy says:

        Amen, sister! This nation was founded on the premise of “One nation, under God!”. May the sweet blood of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, continue to cleanse us and make us free!

    Dear Sir,
    To think that the atomic bombs will for ever deter war, or that more atomic bombs will command greater force, or that every country ought to have atomic bombs for defence is a logic which did presage shear madness and was a sure indication of mental bankruptcy of this Baconian age.
    Allama Yousuf Gabriel
    Idara Tasnifate Gabriel,
    Nawababad wah Cantt
    Distt Rawalpindi. Pakistan

  37. Rosalyn says:

    This is racism at it’s finest. Do you not care that the sins you committ are against God and not K.I.A. what is wrong with them building a mosque in your “quiet, non-pretenitious neightborhood.” such hate and ignorance. They BOUGHT the land- how rude of anyone to start pig races simply because they know the views on pigs in Islam. Think back- why is this your land? because we came and stole it from someone- get a grip and stop being a devil! I will surely make du’a for you all!

    • Kirkthe1 says:

      Ms. Rosalyn, you have no idea what these people are capable of. You may say turn the cheek, but I say to you, what is your price of freedom? You need to do some studying of the muslim culture and islamic belief/ideology system before you make such statements.

      I can guarantee, should they get more than a foothold within your community THEY WILL IMPOSE THEIR WAY OF LIFE ON YOU. They do it here. Women are considered property. Do not think for one minute because you live in the land of the free they will not take it away from you given the chance.

      Bless you for your faith in God and the Lord. However, vigilance will also see you through.

  38. Armed Texan says:

    Each party has the right to do what they want on their property. If one group is offended by the other, that’s just too bad.

  39. mark figura says:

    Hold on here, we’re American Texans…we’re known to be reasonable, right? So let’s let them build the most beautiful, lavish & expensive building they can come up with…let them fill it with three or four thousand of their own people & then we simply return the favor by droping in a few Cruise Missiles when they least expect it…surely they wouldn’t mind a little excitement while they were going on about their business. I mean come on, we wouldn’t want to “hog” all the excitement, now would we…?

  40. sandy lee says:

    Hey what else can you say but IF you come to TEXAS IE; America learn to speak the language walk the talk and conform to the system …….In TEXAS now don’t go try and cram something down our throats cuz we ain’t gonna do it to you……..think somewhere that reverts to the Holy Bible Do unto others as you would have done unto you ……….but my family came from Russia,Scotland, Germany Sweden and Native America………..my forefathers didn’t come here and protest English.or Christianity. they didn’t come here to cram Judaism down the throats of Texans, or to hail Stalin or Hitler, they came here for freedom to live and be free from the oppressions they fled from . Please if you come to America be proud and become an American…..

  41. […] https://onecountryvoice.wordpress.com…sociation-kia/ Pig Races vs. Katy Islamic Association (K.I.A) __________________ Michael Garrison High Torque Racing Auto Body 1970 GS Stage1,1970 GS 455 Why does it seem everyone has no time to do something right but they have time to do it twice???? pvid.parsePost('post_message_70949',70949,7,0); pvid.parseSig('post_signature_70949',70949,1,7,0); […]

  42. Tom says:

    I’d be shoveling up every bit of the pig droppings and do the neighborly thing and fertilize those 11 acres. Nothing like pig manure to help spout good growth and rich soil!
    I’d also pass an ordnance about church bells, or amplified “calls to prayer” etc. No more than one minute per week from 10:50 am to 11am on Sunday.

  43. Thom Farley says:

    Perhaps a truly “good Muslim” would stop defending a prayerbook with terms like “Sharia” and “jihad”. A “good Muslim” cannot guarantee that his children will remain non-violent after he allows his children to read it. I would like a Muslim to answer this question:
    How can we not fear ALL Muslims, both the terrorist, and the “Good Muslim” raising terrorists???

  44. Pat Pine Darnell says:

    I think we should begin a program of mailing packages of bacon and other pork products to the 9/11 mosque address (and others). Can someone get us a street address? I will be willing to help promote it. They have been known to desert a site that has a pig buried on it…And someone should immediately put up signs over the doors in the vicinity “Gay Club”, “Nude ladies” “Pig palace ribs” – etc. Instead, our tax dollars builds footwashers in the U of Michigan…We are losing our country. There is a 20 year plan to take us, by which time they will have reproduced themselves to the point they can elect any imam they want to the presidency. Dusty Myles

  45. Joe Loe says:

    Send them all to hell in a ball of fire and place pig pens on all of their property.
    Adios Amigos,
    Don’t mess with Texas.

  46. Kirkthe1 says:

    I sincerely applaud your response to these people who have no compunction towards our way of life whatsoever. THEY DO WANT TO SUBJUGATE OUR CONSTITUTION AND FREEDOM. They do want to instill sharia law. They all need to go back where they came from. The quiet ones are only quiet until they feel they have enough loud mouths to espouse the crap that comes out of it.

    May GOD bless you.

    PS: Let me know when the next pig race is. OO-RAH!!

  47. concerned says:

    As Americans and Christians, our voice does need to be heard. God loves everyone…Allah does not. Most, I can’t say all, but those who practice their religion are not peaceful…their religion is not peaceful. They HATE, yes HATE Americans and Christians and they not only want to take over America, they want to KILL us because we don’t serve their false god Allah. GOD is the only God and he is a God of love, not hate, like Allah. As Christians, we need to love these people and pray for them, BUT as Americans and Christians, we need to stand up to those who are trying to change our country and take over and hurt us. NO ONE should be in this country that does not work and pay taxes like the rest of us though no matter what color…black, white, red, brown, yellow. If you don’t like America then please leave but leave our country alone. God Bless America. Christians and Americans we need to take our country back for God…what our country was founded on.

  48. Jim says:

    This story is almost 4 years old now and I am wondering if there has been a resolution of the parties or any construction. I have friends in the area and they have no knowledge of an Islamic center being constructed there. The only “facts” we can find is internet based so I am skeptical of the whole story.

  49. LibraryJim says:

    Has there been any update to the story? Was the mosque/compound built? Do the pig races continue? Inquiring minds want to know!!!

  50. kljuhts lkihh says:

    Youssof Allam , a member of K.I.A. sees Mr. Baker’s pigs and his upcoming pig races as offense as “It’s (pig) looked upon as a dirty creature

    Muslims are dirty creatures not pigs

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  54. Neal says:

    To All Americans, this is what you get when you you don’t stand up for your “god given” rights and you have a spineless and greedy political base. This must be stopped at all costs. Obama and ALL incumbents must be voted out to show solidarity among Americans. Kamel Fotouh is just a small example fo what is happening all over America, special interest are taking precedent over the Constitution and Bill of Rights, Our founding fathers would be hanging their heads in shame. For me, I feel violence is just around the corner, As an Ameerican, i am ready to defend my rights and freedoms by any methods necessary against anyone or any country that wants to disrupt our way of life or our infringe on our freedoms! time to stop this bullshit !

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  56. jill scott says:

    Pig races…how cruel. It blows my mind what stupid humans think is “entertainment.” Go run a race yourselves.

  57. smeamsmup says:

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