NY Town declares “Santa” a Religious Figure

Just when I thought I’d heard it all……Sanfordville Elementry School in Warwick, NY, caves to whims of ONE against the majority and has apparently, in their lack of cajones, declared SANTA a RELIGIOUS FIGURE!!!

Yes, you’re reading right…we are not talking about the Nativity Scene, Mary, Joseph or the Baby Jesus, we’re not talking about the singing of Silent Night, Oh Come All Ye Faithful, or O Holy Night….we are talking about elementary school kids having breakfast and a picture with Santa Claus!!!!

(CNSNews.com) – A Christmas-themed event to raise money at a public elementary school in Warwick, N.Y., has been altered to accommodate a parent’s complaints that the program would illegally spotlight a “religious” figure – Santa Claus.

“Breakfast With Santa” has since been changed to “Winter Wonderland Breakfast,” ……

That parent, who did not wish to have her name used, wrote a letter to the school board asserting that Santa represents Christmas — a Christian holiday…

These radical leftist types are arguing that just because 95 percent of Americans, according to recent polling, celebrate Christmas, they ought not to have that right” since a person with a different view might object.

Read the entire article at:Discoverthenetworks.org

Please note that this Christmas fund raiser was being held on a SATURDAY, not on a school day or a school night, and therefore, attendance is optional…NOT mandatory!! Therefore this “hum-bug down with Santa” parent could have kept their happy ass at HOME instead of attempting to interfere with the rights and enjoyment of others!!

This is a display of total stupidity, first on the part of the ONE parent and second on the part of the school district who chose to “buckle” to the whims of an idiot!! This political corruption, oops..I mean correctness, is totally out of control!!

When will the people say ENOUGH of this type of bullshit??


5 Responses to NY Town declares “Santa” a Religious Figure

  1. While I am not a Christian, and although my family does “do” Santa, I have to agree that Santa can be construed as a Christian figure as he is based on “Saint Nicholas” and only comes at Christmas.

    To say that those families who do not celebrate Christmas should just stay home is exclusive and well …. rude and hurtful.

    A school holiday celebration is supposed to be open and accessable to each and every student.

    Mama Kelly

  2. Mama Kelly,

    No offense, but “rude and hurtful” is ONE parent attempting to dictate their beliefs on the majority of the other citizens! The school Christmas celebration is open to all….you can or cannot attend, each individual’s choice!!

    This ONE parent could chose to attend and not let their children go see Santa if that was her preference! Wonder if she boycotts the malls since they usually have “Santa” for the children?

    This is just a ridiculous…the minority appears to have MORE rights than the majority of citizens which is NOT the democratic way!! There is always going to be something, somewhere that will “offend” someone….so where does it end?

    Hip-hop music is personally offensive to me, as is hard “acid” rock, so what do I do? I don’t listen, I don’t buy their music, I don’t go to their concerts, and I don’t support those “bands” in any way shape or form!! Easy solution!! Should those that like that type of “music” or what I call “noise” NOT be allowed to enjoy what THEY like because it is offensive to me? The above is the exact same senerio, just different circumstances!!

    Blessing back to you MK!!

  3. Ok these folks have to be the laughing stock of this country.

    Hey I wish I knew somebody who could send them a big award. I’ve got an idea. The Turddiest School In the World Award. Can you recommend a turd trophy dealer to make this award to send?

    Let’s all write them or send e-mails. Flood their inbox. Here’s the address:

    Sandfordville Elementary School, 144 Sanfordville Road, Warwick, NY 10990, Warwick, NY 10990, (845) 987-3300
    E-mail: rlongfield@wvcsd.org

  4. LOL Faultline…..

    As a matter of fact I can: http://www.giftsfromtheranch.com

    I am just getting so tired of the ignorance and the “politically correct”!

    I agree with Mike Johnson of the Alliance Defense Fund: “..
    the First Amendment does not guarantee any of us a right not to be offended..”

  5. Keely says:

    Santa- A Christian figure?! Hmmm….. Come to think of it, I DO recall SOMEone saying SOMEthing…. SOMEwhere….
    Ah, Yes! Here it is –

    ” Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of Christmas? You know, the birth of Santa.”
    Matt Groening, The Simpsons
    US cartoonist & satirist (1954 – ) ………..Okay……….!!??
    Please allow me to make the following wishes.


    “Happy Birthday!” to my Saviour, JESUS CHRIST.
    “Merry Christmas!” to All !!

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