Hugo Chavez retains leadership of Venezuela

In an apparent overwhelming victory, Hugo Chavez is re-elected to another 6 year term as President of Venezuela.

This “hate America” leader, who sees “Fidel Castro as a father” had the majority of his support from the poor, which make up about 67% of the population in a country rich with oil. Why?

Chavez has won a loyal following among the poor through multibillion-dollar social programs including subsidized food, free university education and cash benefits for single mothers.
Chavez Wins Re-Election by a Wide Margin

He is also big into “land grabbing” allowing peasant farmers to move onto purchased “private property” of cattle ranchers…

these peasant farmers saying “they are not invaders or squatters but hardworking people and are “claiming what is owed to us”“.

In his class warfare stance regarding this “land grab” Chavez states:

For too long, he said, the rich have had it all their own way – to the detriment of the majority of the people.

“We need to reshape our country, and land reform is an important part of the process.”
Revolution on Venezuela’s estates

This socialistic, modern day “Robin Hood” who feels it is right to rob from the “rich” to give to the “poor” will do nothing to actually help his people rise from the poverty level, but I think he knows that! He wants to keep them under government control with all his social programs….stay poor and we will supply all your needs (education, health, food, homes, etc)!!

But YIKES….does type of “socialism” and “class warfare” sound familiar in any way, shape or form to some of our current “leftist politicians”?? Do the peasant farmers sound like the illegals in OUR country?

Something to think about………


One Response to Hugo Chavez retains leadership of Venezuela

  1. Thanks for your excellent post on Hugo Chavez’s antics. Your insights will probably go over the heads of most loose bolts (leftist loons), but hopefully the greater American citizenry will take note. I took special note of what the squatters said: “they are not invaders or squatters but hardworking people and are “claiming what is owed to us.”

    Now note what the illegal invaders arecurrently saying here in the US. “We are not illegal invaders but Americans. We are just taking back what belongs to Azatlan.”

    Sounds way too familiar!!!

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