Is Political Correctness Ruining America?

Political correctness (also politically correct or PC) is a term used to describe language, or behavior, which is claimed to be calculated to provide a minimum of offense, particularly to the racial, cultural, or other identity groups being described. Wikipedia

So we have:

Undocumented Workers….vs…………..ILLEGAL ALIEN
Insurgents…………………….vs………… TERRORISTS
Situation……………………….vs………….WAR ON TERROR
Immigration Reform………..vs…………..AMNESTY
Misunderstood Religion……vs…..…..….RADICAL ISLAMIC VIEWS
Withdraw in Iraq……………vs…………..CUT AND RUN

The above are just SOME of the “politically correct” language running around….

What about some of the “politically correct” behavior we have seen:

Breakfast with Santa turned into “Winter Wonderland Breakfast due to complaints of ONE person who considered Santa religious.

City’s around the country are not displaying “Nativity” scenes in fear of lawsuits and offending the minority.

City ordinance “noise levels” have been “revised” despite citizen complaints, so that mosque’s can to their “call to prayer” 5 times per day over loud speakers.

Ten Commandments statues and plaques ordered removed from some schools and city property.

The Pledge of Allegiance under attack by atheists as “unconstitutional”, some children refuse to stand during pledge.

Illegal Aliens take to the streets in 2006 around AMERICA and no one does anything about the disruption because it is “their right to protest”.

Disneyland and Disneyworld cater to gays and lesbians..a place that is famous for catering to our children

Traditional “marriage” under attack

Press “1” for English…..

And, as we know and see everyday…this list goes on!!


So the question….what is all this Politically Correct behavior doing to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

We have, unfortunately, catered to, and are thus becoming, an “anything I want to do goes, and to hell with everyone else” society. This has been, and continues to be a slipper slope that we have allowed ourselves to go down!!

ILLEGAL aliens want rights, even though they are not here legally in this country…what do our politicians do………… health care, anchor babies, free education, a matricula id, and now, even loans thru banks being considered and some approved!! All at the cost of the US Taxpayer!!

CHRISTMAS is under attack by those who hate the judeo-christian religion. Therefore the beauty of a nativity scene and soothing sounds of songs like “Silent Night” are indeed “silent” in many of the malls, the restaurants and other places that people gather! The majority of us who love Christmas and love the meaning of Christmas, while still enjoying all the festivities including gift giving and even Santa are being “crushed” under the weight of those who want to be “politically correct” despite our country’s deep seeded traditions.

MARRIAGE is being attacked by the gays and lesbians in an attempt to change the definition of what marriage is. The long standing traditional values that make up the core of a family are being ridiculed and laughed at for the “live and let live” attitude. Divorce has become an “easy out” and “infidelity” a “cure” for the boredoms of married life. Are we becoming a “Sodom and Gomorrah” society? I remember as a kid learning to spell, to remember family as: Father And Mother I Love You

RELIGION, the judeo-christian founding of our country and nation, is under attack! The Ten Commandants have had a “forced” removal from city properties and schools as “not to offend” the non-religious, the atheist, or the “immigrants” from other countries. They use the excuse “separation of church and state” for these “forced” removals but I do not believe our founding fathers would have agreed. Prayer in our schools has been abolished and even challenged at graduations and valedictorian speeches. It appears the “Christian” religion is the only one that is ever under a microscope and interfered with.

The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and our FLAG are constantly under attack. The atheists use the excuse they don’t like “under God” in the pledge, but I expect that that real reason is the hate of our country. Some feel they do not need to stand, even out of respect, when the Pledge is recited and they teach their children this same hate type action. There are those that think it is a “freedom of speech” right to desecrate and burn our Flag to protest not even thinking, or caring, that they are desecrating and dishonoring what our Flag stands for and the men and women that have died protecting its honor and the freedoms of the American people.


I understand that our great nation is made up of immigrants from all over the world. However, the difference between “back in the day” and “today” is that the immigrants that came to our country “back in the day” wanted nothing more than to be Americans.

They loved this country, loved what what this country stood for and wanted the “American Dream” for themselves and their family. They assimilated into the American culture and into American society, which does not mean they forgot their past cultures or traditions, but had they wanted to continue in their past they would never have immigrated to America…they wanted to be AMERICANS!!

“Todays” immigrants want everything that America has to offer, BUT they want America to assimilate to THEIR way of life!! Many refuse to learn the language of our country (English), but want our country to cater to their language. They want what America has to offer, but many want it handed to them on a silver platter and they think that ruining OUR culture and traditions to fit their own wants, needs and beliefs is perfectly acceptable!!

WE, as Americans, must wake up and fight to protect our country, its values, traditions and its sovereignty. We must keep a close eye on the politicians, both federal, state and local, continue to hound them to do the right thing for this country and vote them out of office if they do not comply. We must ban together, as many have done by blogging, writing our representatives, getting involved in forums and groups, and continue to get the word out and educating people!! If we don’t we will wake up one day and not know what country we are living in!!


25 Responses to Is Political Correctness Ruining America?

  1. Thank you for attacking political correctness! We all must do our part to attack p.c.whenever and wherever we happen to encounter it. Let’s think of we think of terminal cancer. In many cases the patient is required to take chemo therapy if there is any hope of recovery. Chemo is something very deadly that kills good cells along with the bad cells. And there are very unpleasant side-effects. The only way to stamp out this p.c. cancer is to kill it with something far more deadly – an overwhelming infusion of anti-p.c. chemo which in effect will render the p.c. crowd helpless as they suffer the unpleasant side-effects. That can only be done by each one of us calling them on their p.c. relentlessly, and fighting fire with fire.

    For example. When some leftist hatchling starts calling you a racist because you are against illegal immigration, you must counter with the fact that they are racists who are playing the race-card in the attempt to pander to the illegals. Race-baiters are racists of the worst sort. If a friend uses a p.c. term in your presence, correct your friend. If the friend takes offense, then you need to find a new friend. Remember this is a war for the very life of our country and no one can afford to sit on the fence. This will work if large numbers of fed up American citizens literally take to the streets, hammer newspapers with angry letters to the editor, and hound their elected officials every day.

    Take the revised noise levels in cities designed to accommodate Mosques. Use them to your advantage. Let each and every church install electronic bells and raise the noise levels to the new standard. If your church is afraid of being offensive to its neighbors, you need to ask the church just how much it is willing to give up to advance the cause of Islam??? Far too many so-called “Christian” churches are playing footsie with Islam, offering their chapels for pagan religious services, and harboring illegals in the form of a perverted “watered down to nothing” Christianity. Is your church one of those who teaches that social justice issues trump faith and individual salvation, or that no one can really be saved without the community? Does your church teach that it’s impossible for a capatalist to be a true Christian? Believe me there are many, many well-known liberal seminaries today teaching this form of Christian Marxism. Learn to recognize it when the rhetoric gently begins in your own church – it will. Then speak out loudly.

    • trrwr says:

      I’m afraid that all of the fighting back in the world isn’t going to stop political correctness.

      Political correctness is wrong. It’s a way for the government to control what we say and what we read. That’s not the America I used to know.

      Today’s politicians fight tooth and nail so that two men can engage in sexually immoral acts with one another – acts which undermine the complexity and physiology and necessity of the opposite sex.

      But they are taking away our right to object. We are being told what we can and cannot say ” so that nobody gets insulted”.

      In a free country – if you insult me, I insult you back. What good is free speech if it’s only good as long as you only say what other people want you to say?

  2. Amanda says:

    This article is amazingly correct. WHY should we have to pay for all the crap that illegals want? WHY should we have to take down our decorations/nativities? WHY should we have to say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”? This is our country, not yours so if you dont like the way we do things go back to your own country! And if you are American and you go to court over my religious rights, and my free speech, then you can move out of this country, or suck it up. I am not going to cater to your wants, when you cant even respect my rights. I am an AMERICAN, and If you dont like it, leave!

  3. Amanda and Faultline:

    Thank you both for your comments! This political correctness will be our downfall if we don’t start standing up!! I really think the grand swell is beginning…..people are getting tired of the “anything goes” attitude!!

    “I am an AMERICAN, and If you dont like it, leave!”

    AMEN Amanda!!!!

  4. Keely says:

    Re: Immigration…
    America’s need for immigration ended a century ago when the frontier was closed.
    For several years now, the polls have been very consistent: at least two-thirds of Americans think that the level of immigration to this country should be reduced.
    Unwise immigration policies, geared toward pleasing special interest- INSTEAD of SERVING OUR COUNTRY, are bringing in too many immigrants each year, and Congress is responsible. We must demand that Congress enact a moratorium on
    most forms of legal immigration and crack down on illegal immigration. (FAIR)

    The following is the name and description of an organization that may be of interest to you and your readers.
    Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR)

    The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is a national, nonprofit, public-interest, membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation’s immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest.

    With more than 250,000 members and supporters nationwide, FAIR is a non-partisan group whose membership runs the gamut from liberal to conservative.Our grassroots networks help concerned citizens use their voices to speak up for effective, sensible immigration policies that work for America’s best interests.

    FAIR’s publications and research are used by academics and government officials in preparing new legislation.National and international media regularly turn to us to understand the latest immigration developments and to shed light on this complex subject.FAIR has been called to testify on immigration bills before Congress more than any organization in America.
    Their site contains an incredible wealth of information, and many
    valuable links as well.
    Thank you for your informative blog and the stimulating insights you share. Keep up the good work!

  5. Keely,

    Thank you for your response and the site link. I will put this up on my blog. You are right, it has great info!!

    We, that are against ILLEGAL immigration and feel our immigration needs definite reform, are in for quite a battle in the days ahead, especially with the new “Democratic” congress (although I will admit the Republicans did no better) on this issue!

    The government seems to be more interested in whether we smoke (that gives them huge tax dollars), what we eat (watch those french fries and burgers) and on whether we talk on a cell phone when we drive, etc that tackling REAL ISSUES and REAL PROBLEMS!! Sometimes I feel like we are becoming like Russia will all the government interferance into our personal lives!!!

    Look forward to your posts and input on the issues!!

  6. jason says:

    Well it definitely won’t be winter wonderland anymore with global warming occurring… is 90 degrees in Upstate NY and almost October….so might as well call it the almost back to normal temperature day or whatever you want….

    Even comedians can’t even tell jokes, while there is so much wrong in society and everything they say may be true, but because it offends some person somewhere who wouldn’t even watch this individual’s show and doesn’t even have enough brains to know we have produced at least 4.2 million iraqi refugees, therefore has no right to complain about anything….comedians’ only fault is trying to get us to laugh at stupid follies of britney, paris, lindsay, nicole, oj, etc…the pc police are everywhere and, in addition to bush’s denial of everything happening in the world, are ruining this country so we can’t even enjoy even a break from the reality of bush destroying the whole world, we invate iranian president and then insult him and don’t let him speak, what kind of crap is this??? We are powerless to stop bush’s wanton destruction of other countries, the environment, etc…..we have no rights in this country, all bush supporters should be in iraq now, not hypocrites sending poor and unemployed to go fight for their rights, this “democracy” no longer exists, so we cannot be fighting for “freedom” because this concept does not exist in this country any longer….

    Immigration to this country is only preventing inevitable recession since our schools are so backward, half of all grad schools would shut down immediately because our schools are so backwards and behind other countries. Because of the recent crackdown on immigrants, many fall harvests will lose millions of dollars because nobody else is willing to do this type of seasonal work….nobody in American lifestyle could afford to…so anybody suggesting we even can reduce immigration is living in fantasy land…unless you are willing to change your lifestyle, which is obvious most aren’t, juding by numbers of SUVs on the road, and being WAY above average temp, and every year hotter, not El Nino, La Nina, this is all a distraction from reality that will harm everyone….by increasing apathy….just look out your damn window, it is too late to stop it…now we can only try to mitigate it….politicians, especially Republicans, trying to pull wool over your eyes AGAIN….just because Bush is causing all Americans to be ethnocentric xenophobes doesn’t mean it is economically feasible to just close our doors….and people claim about globalization and outsourcing now……we have only admitted a couple hundred of the 4.2 million Iraqi refugees WE have created….which might explain the real reason for the crackdown on immigration at this time….it is not to stop Mexicans, it is to prevent the humanitarian refugees we refuse to admit…which we have caused….

  7. Maggie G says:

    Political correctness, lawyers , big business and the stretching of the term “civil rights” to the tens is going to destroy what is left of this country.

    On pictures says it all. While the illegals with their band of lawyers are suing various agencies/people in this country, our elderly and young families are left without medical care. It is a crime how this country treats the elderly AND our war Vets. Compare the benefits afforded to illegals agains one who has served their country. What a joke. Illegals need to return to their home cuntry or be put in prison. This country is ot responsibile for their large families. Seems to me the goverment of Iraq has accepted our military assistance for a better goal. Please don’t tell me you expect us to take in Iraq as well as Mexico. Just how much natural resources to you think we have to share?

  8. Xeron says:

    Alright, this is pissing me off. While I whole-heartedly agree that PC is out of hand, one must keep in mind that free speech is a LIBERAL IDEA. For the past 2,000 years, conservative monarchies suppressed the rights of free speech among the populace. While liberals may be responsible for not wanting to offend anybody, conservatives are guilty of trying to force their own views on, well, EVERYONE for the past two millenia.

  9. jayemmking says:

    What a load of crap for you to say liberals invented free speech. Free speech is a by product of liberty. And if I remember the Declaration of Independence correctly, liberty is one of those inalienable rights given to us by GOD. Anyone who would believe that liberals invested free speech would believe that Al Gore invented the internet.

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  11. Amos Burgess says:

    phallalgia duplet superaward trochelminth distrust palustrine nicobar elephantiac
    United Nations – New York


    To learn more about who is really ruining our schools, please join

    I see the last post is from a UN person… and there is proof.
    Global warming is just the latest UN scam to get more taxes from us and you are a fool if you believe it.

    Only a group as arrogant as the UN would think it could change the climate by taxing us. Indeed they know we have nothing to do with climate change as that has been happening
    long before humans came along.

    GET US OUT OF THE UN and our schools and society will heal.

    Then the plan is to force the UN to disband as they are illegally trying to influence other governments when they have no business.


    Get rid of the UN in our society and schools and you will get America back!

    We are going to lose it fast under this marxist president.

  14. Jon Weston says:

    Hi from England,
    Everyone is sick of this Bull—- political correctness nowadays, but what makes me most upset is the fact that it seems that both the American president and the English Prime ministers do not give a damn that their actions are killing off our cultures, religion and our way of life.
    Our counrties has survived for hundreds of years before this bullshit was introduced and if these PC groups of people want to support groups such as murdering muslim terrorist then let them go and live in the muslim countries that this killing scum come from and then we can see if they change their minds about them.
    I strongly support introduction of one law and that is: If you come to live in our countries you will live by our laws and under our religion and way of life, if you wish to verbally abuse our countries, our lwas, our regilion or our way of life. Pack your bags and leave as we do not want you here.

    • leah says:

      Although I agree that we (america) need to get out of other countries and deal with our own problems, I also hate that everyone else’s “culture” and that crap is sooooooo much more important then human rights and values. If a culture encourages people to treat women like property or to blow up innocent people then I don’t think we should respect that. “pack your bags and leave as we do not want you here”- I say this to all you illegal citizens. I hate how we have to “Respect other people’s cultures” while other people don’t give a shit about ours.

  15. Jon Weston says:

    I meant to add that we have just heard of this muslim in Texas shooting American service personal and then this dumb guy Obama makes a statement making it look as they were unsure if it was him who carried out the shooting, do you have a muslim in the white house or his he a supporter of them.
    Just look at his actions since being elected, he is as bad as the English Prime mininsters Blair and Brown.

  16. Thank you for the reasonable critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research about this. I am very glad to see such great information being shared freely out there.

  17. Lee says:

    This country is at least 90% Catholic, Protestant, Jewish or Atheist… and yet we allow muslims into this country from Africa because our President happens to be black…and now these muslims are offended by Christmas and say something and win the p.c. argument…well I AM OFFENDED BY MOSQUES!!! If America cannot hold a religious holiday…then I say THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO BRING THEIR RELIGION HERE!!! No mosque in NYC…no more religious buildings at all… no kneeling 5 times a day…that offends me when I go to a gas station or stationary store and the door is locked because they have to pray…THEY ARE PRAYING TO KILL AMERICA FROM WITHIN!!!

  18. The ONE says:

    PC now means “Post Constitutional”

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