Nancy Pelosi takes the gavel……

January 4, 2007



I AM WOMAN….HEAR ME ROARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well folks, Pelosi has been sworn in as Speaker of the House, and Democrats are now in control of congress!!

Sooo….what can we expect for the next two years? Well, if you are a left wing liberal, you will most likely have everything your heart desires (or THINKS it desires)…..

Open borders – WILL we be safer here at home when our border security is cut to the bone, further than it is?

Amnesty for ILLEGALS – Which unfortunately Bush and Pelosi will be holding hands together showing how “bipartisan” they are and how “well they work together”!

Higher minimum wage – Which will force many smaller businesses to either lay off people that this wage was suppose to help, OR to increase the goods to the consumer so we will ALL be paying more!

Weaker National Security, Higher Taxes, the Destruction of the American Family, etc, etc, etc….

….the REST of us will monitor CLOSELY every attempted move that is to be made and will make our voices heard and known!! We will fight to protect our country, its sovereignty, and our AMERICAN way of life despite the “Demakooks” that are currently in office!!

We may be in for a bumpy ride folks, but TOGETHER we can make a difference…….


Happy New Year to all….

January 1, 2007

Well, here we are…2006 is now behind us and we are at the beginning of a new and beautiful year!!

We can either sit back and let the world go by, gripe and complain about the injustices in our country, never lifting a finger to make a change………………

OR, we can chose to stand up and make a difference! No longer can we, or should we, be afraid to speak out against the corruption in our society, against those that are attempting to take our nation down an indestructible path of no return, against those that want to turn our nation into a “one world order”, or against those that have a “anything I want is okay” attitude!!

There is right and wrong in our society, and our nation’s future depends on us standing up for the sovereignty of our country and fighting against the evil that attempts to infiltrate our very hearts and minds.

Yes, there will be those that hate what “we” stand for and make poor attempts at name calling and pulling out their “play cards”….but “we” must stand firm and strong in our convictions of right and wrong!!

So my friends, as we begin our journey into 2007 I wish all of you God’s blessings and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!