Who Am I?

Who am I?  This is a good question!!!

I am a wife and mother…and since my child is grown I am now the proud “mom” of wonderful 4-legged “critters” that I adore and love beyond belief!!  (Below is the baby of the bunch and the “Queen Bee” at 2 months old)!!!sierra1.jpg

I am a neighbor and a friend to many that live close and those that live far……we share a bond of heart and spirit!   

I am also a conservative…..in my thoughts, values and beliefs.  I believe in God as the center of not only the universe but of our great Country.  I believe in the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  I believe, and know, America was founded on Christian principles and teachings and it pains me greatly to see our Christian values under attack and trying to be squelched by far left radicals.

I believe in, and support, our military men and women recognizing the sacrifices they make each day for our freedoms and our nations soverienty. 

I believe that anyone can become anything they wish in this Country. There is hope, ability and opportunity for anyone that wishes to live the American dream.  I myself am an entrepreneur who decided to start a small business of my own!  www.giftsfromtheranch.com

I also believe that there is a huge ILLEGAL immigration problem that is a threat and danger to our security as a nation.  Although some want to say this is a race issue, it is not, it is an ILLEGAL issue.  I believe we have laws in place for a reason and these laws should be obeyed!

So the biggest question, why a blog?  Because ONE VOICE does make a difference……
The “Queen Bee’s” 2nd Birthday!! 


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