KRAMER from Seinfeld a Racist?

November 21, 2006

Okay, I’ll admit it…I must be one of the only people in America that was not a “Seinfeld” fan! Just wasn’t my “cup of tea” and I could take it or leave it….never felt I had to rush home and take my phone off of the hook because Seinfeld was on and I didn’t want to be disturbed!

So, since 1998 we have had the Seinfeld reruns….ohh yahoo! But what about Michael Richards…better known as “Kramer” since that time? You would think with such a “hit series” and his infamous role he would be doing well…right!? Wrong….

So now we are to “current day” where he was doing a stand up comedy routine at the “Laugh Factor” in California. Okay, he was “heckled” from the audience with comments like “you are not funny”….! Was that wrong, well, technichally, in my opinion, if you do not like an act you just get up and leave..but that is not what happened! BUT, because of that, did he have any right to unleash such horrible rants that the audience began getting up and leaving…then himself “storming off stage” without so much as a look back?

Although I am sick to death of “pc” this and “pc” that….his remarks and comments were way over the line…very rude and crude!! Should his apology (most likely due to pressure from Seinfeld himself) be accepted? Not so fast, I say!! Sometimes we have to realize that there are consequences to our actions and must suffer those consequences!!

He says he is not a racist………….but in a moment of blind rage when all senses seem to fail you…it appears what spouts out of your mouth, with no hesitation, is clearly how you feel deep down!! And he didn’t just spout a comment or two..then regain his composure and apologize immediately, he went on his rant for TWO solid minutes, which is quite a long time in the scheme of what he was doing!! In fact, enough time for the audience to be revolted by his actions and begin leaving!!

So, will Richards suffer any consequences….I believe he will, and rightly so! I think that producers will have a “hands off” approach to him as these remarks will not be easily forgiven or forgotten by the general public…and people will boycott anything he will be in! Remember the infamous Dixie Chicks…????

Richards is also slated to be the voice of “Ace” in an upcoming animation called “Cat Tale” which is currently in pre-production for release in 2008. Will they keep him now? We will watch and see!

My big question is WHY do these “celebrities” think it is okay to rant/rave on stage as their “platform” when they get pissed off? We had the Dixie Chicks, Barbara Streisand, etc! Who in the hell do they think they are anyway!? And then THEY have the nerve to not understand why people get upset, boycott them, or call them to task on their attitudes!! They all need to get off the “pedestal” they have placed themselves on and join the “real world”!!