Happy New Year to all….

January 1, 2007

Well, here we are…2006 is now behind us and we are at the beginning of a new and beautiful year!!

We can either sit back and let the world go by, gripe and complain about the injustices in our country, never lifting a finger to make a change………………

OR, we can chose to stand up and make a difference! No longer can we, or should we, be afraid to speak out against the corruption in our society, against those that are attempting to take our nation down an indestructible path of no return, against those that want to turn our nation into a “one world order”, or against those that have a “anything I want is okay” attitude!!

There is right and wrong in our society, and our nation’s future depends on us standing up for the sovereignty of our country and fighting against the evil that attempts to infiltrate our very hearts and minds.

Yes, there will be those that hate what “we” stand for and make poor attempts at name calling and pulling out their “play cards”….but “we” must stand firm and strong in our convictions of right and wrong!!

So my friends, as we begin our journey into 2007 I wish all of you God’s blessings and MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!


Wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS

December 19, 2006


“Jingle bells…jingle bells…..”

“Silent Night….Holy Night….”

“Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer….”

“O’ Holy Night…..”

“We wish you a Merry Christmas….”

The beauty of a song, looking at lights “twinkling” from houses and rooftops, seeing the smile on the faces of the people…..

The hearts of people are happy, the hardhearted attitude of some seem to change, the joy of others seem to multiple…..What a glorious and beautiful time of year!!

Whether you sing “Jingle Bells” or “Silent Night”….look around and see the joy being spread from person to person…

How could anyone see the hearts and minds of people, especially at this time of year, and NOT BELIEVE in God and in miracles!!

Since I will be away from the computer for a time getting ready for family and friends….I wanted to take the time to….


angel globe

Craig Baker, Pig Races and K.I.A…what the media won’t say! Art. 3

December 13, 2006

The dispute over a mosque and the Friday Night Pig Races in Katy, TX has made the rounds from coast to coast!!

There are definitely people, of which I am among, that support Mr. Craig Baker and his neighbors!! Mr. Baker’s idea of having Friday Night Pig Races will bring a lot of fun, laughter and enjoyment to the community!!

“TIVO your favorite show and Come on down to the Friday Night Pig Races…..great family fun for one and all”!!!

Then, there are others who think Mr. Baker and his neighbors are being “pig headed”, negating any of their concerns regarding the road safety, drainage problems, etc. These are the same narrow minded people who, most likely, do not have the threat of a mosque in their neighborhood and are under the mind set of the far left radical liberals in their “everything goes” attitude!! These are the exact same people that throw out the “..immigrants have made America”…”…freedom of religion”…”…”..multiculturalism”, blah..blah..blah…!!

MSNBC / AP has done a recent press release entitled: Houston Suburb in dispute over mosque plan“.

First of all, we ALL KNOW how unbiased MSNBC is and what a great REPUTATION the Associated Press has, especially in lieu over their most recent scandal regarding the fake Capt. Jamil Hussein!!

However, an AP reporter did contact Mr. Baker (regarding his Pig Races) and the site owner regarding his web site which the reporter called “anti-islamic”.

This report starts out:

“A plan to build a mosque in this Houston suburb has triggered a neighborhood dispute, with community members warning the place will become a terrorist hotbed…”

Could you PLEASE show us where the community at Bakers Road has called the building of this mosque a “terrorist hotbed”…or is this YOUR slant in your attempt to make them look bigoted and racists?

“But one resident has set up an anti-Islamic Web site with an odometer-like counter that keeps track of terrorist attacks since Sept. 11.”

To inform this reporter, there are numerous web sites that have this “counter” on them. It is an “Islamic Terrorist” counter. Since Muslims are a people of “peace” and Islam is a religion of “peace” that has apparently been “taken over by the radical extremists”, what is the problem here and why aren’t you speaking out against these radical extremists that have “kidnapped” your “peaceful” religion for the sole intent to do harm to America and the infidels? Where is the story about the radical extremists?

Regarding the use for the 11 acre site, the AP reporter writes:

“Fotouh vowed to press ahead with plans for a mosque on the 11-acre site, as well as a community center that would offer after-school activities, housing for senior citizens, a fitness center and an Islamic school.”

I hate to break THIS to you, but 11 acres is NOT a lot of land to build what they are apparently wanting, along with parking, etc. So how do they plan on getting more land for their “expansion”….hmmm…maybe BUYING off other people’s property?

Additional “slant” from the AP:

“A few complaints about the mosque project have also trickled in to Harris County offices: The “Coming Soon” sign was on government property; the parking lot gravel was piled up without a permit;….”

The truth: The KIA had commenced building a parking area for the home that has been converted in to a Mosque. The inspector arrived at approximately 3:00pm on the 9th and RED TAGGED them for performing construction without proper permits. …(they) were told by the representative from County Commissioner’s office (Steve Radack) that absolutely no construction could be performed on the property without filing complete Plat plans, which had to be approved. The KIA did no such thing. ..The KIA continued working on the parking area even after having been told by the county inspector to stop. See full article under the blog portion of the site to K.I.A. breaking the law! complete with photos and video.

So…why the biased slant from the AP on the K.I.A. (the “underdogs” they claim) and the Katy Pig Races? Who reported on this story:

According to Mr. Smith of the Katy Islamic Association.net web site:

I would like to take a moment to introduce Mrs. Rasha Madkour. She is the reporter for the Associated Press that contacted both Mr. Craig Baker and KIA.NET. Mrs. Madkour has proven to be incompetent as a reporter for the simple fact that she did not remain objective while reporting on the topic of her article in AP. She used her position to support her own cause and agenda. The article was slanted, taken out of context and complete with misinformation. She has made this site about what it was not intended to be. Her article is no more than cheap sensationalism aimed at inciting and distracting people from the real issues. Now the site has taken a turn. We shall see where the public takes it. Please refer to the top, right of the Forums page where it is clearly stated what the forum is to be used for. Despite her efforts, I am must report that the Pros outweigh the Cons approximately 20 to 1. Below, you will find our email conversation.

Read the TRUTH about what was said at katyislamicassociation.net

NOW…..in regards to Mr. Craig Baker and his Friday Night Pig Races:

AP writes:

The dispute began when the group asked Baker to remove his cattle from their newly bought land. Baker agreed but mistakenly thought the Muslims also wanted him off the land his family has lived on for more than 100 years. The rumor spread.

Though he now concedes the Muslims are probably not after his land, Baker said he is obligated to go through with the pig races, probably within the next few weeks, because “I would be like a total idiot if I didn’t. I’d be the laughingstock now because I’ve gone too far.”

Now the TRUTH as reported by Mr. Baker, himself:


“…they said that their ultimate dream is to build a parking lot, a new community center, an athletic facility, a school, and a mosque. They felt that they were going to need a total of 25 acres to complete this project, which might take them as long as five years to complete.

“While I was walking these men out, I offered to give them some granite fill, free of charge for their new driveway that they had planned. Then Mr. Fotough said that it was probably a good idea for me to start thinking about packing up my business, along with my family and moving somewhere further out in the country. They felt that a mosque and a marble shop did not go well together. He told me he was from Egypt and his partner was from Pakistan, and that they were bringing many new families in from as far as 5,000 miles away. He went on to say that many of these new people that they would be bringing in would be unfamiliar with many of the local customs, and/or ways of doing things, and that most would not be able to speak English at first.

On the following Wednesday, 10/04/06, a new collector’s crystal wall clock was delivered to my office as a gift. The card attached said: To: Craig Baker From: New Neighbors .

I immediately typed up a nice thank you note and returned the clock that same day. I had planned on just letting the other matter die of natural causes right then and there.

Upon learning that I was called a liar I became determined to make a statement to everyone that I was not leaving. Not only that, I am taking a stand. I will use my property as I see fit. I went to a local printing shop and had a huge banner made up. The banner states “COMING SOON WEEKLY FRIDAY NIGHT PIG RACING.”

…a demand letter from their attorney Mathew Kornhauser. Kornhauser made the demand that I remove my pigs from my land immediately. Should I fail to do so his client will contact the appropriate authorities and take what ever measures necessary to protect their interest.

Now I have made the offer in writing, on the radio, and on TV that I will pay for three lie detector test. One for each of the owners, and one for me. The sole question to be asked is: Did they, on 09/29/06 tell me that I should consider packing up my business and my family and moving?

Then we will see who is lying & who is telling the truth.

My Moslem neighbors have decided to take their fight with me to the media, hoping that by making this fight public I will come off as a red neck racist from Texas.

See Mr. Baker’s Web page to see his FULL statement regarding the incidents between him and the K.I.A. at American Pig Race.

So, will Mr. Yousuf Shaikh and Mr. Kamel Fotough, who are so quick in their attempts to look like the “poor mistreated new neighbors” have the guts and backbone to take Mr. Baker up on his offer of a lie detector test, paid for by Mr. Baker?

Maybe those of you that are so quick to jump and call Mr. Baker and his neighbors every racist name you can think of should beginning jumping on the two gentlemen from the K.I.A. to stand up and be willing to let the TRUTH be known by all!! What are THEY afraid of?? Mr. Baker apparently has no fears about the TRUTH!!

For those radical left liberals that read this blog….keep on those rose colored glasses and continue to look foolish!! You, too, must be afraid of the truth!!

My support is totally behind Mr. Baker, his neighbors and friends!! I will also keep everyone updated about the Pig Races!!

Another Read on this subject: Here piggy, piggy by No Apology.

“This Little Piggy went to Katy”…..article 2

December 8, 2006

Go Mr. Baker…go!! We love you…take me..take me!!” screams all the little piggies, “We don’t want to go to market…we want to go to Katy! We can run really fast…!!”

As you can see, in the “pig world” a new day has dawned and they are all scrambling, hoping to be picked for the Friday Night Pig Races that Craig Baker will be starting soon in Katy, Texas!

It’s amazing how the issue has united many across the country…..who knew it would take “Pig Races” for people to finally begin waking up and see what is happening to our neighborhoods and our Country!!

Of course, there are those that say Mr. Baker and his neighbors are being “bigoted and racists”, “hate filled”, “narrow minded”, etc, etc…. I’m sure these are the SAME people that see no problem with Keith Ellison taking the Koran to his swearing in ceremony for Congress! I am also sure these are the SAME people who do not have the threat of a mosque and the 5 daily calls to prayer going up next to them or in their neighborhoods!!

There are MANY issues of concern with the local residents in this community, and rightly so, and it is NOT just because this is a mosque (although anyone would be lying to say that was not a small part)!! I would invite everyone over to Katy Islamic Association.net which is a web site set up AGAINST the mosque being put up, showing ALL the concerns of the residents, hear the “call to prayer” that will be blasted through the community, what happened at the town hall meeting, along with issues of K.I.A. breaking the law by starting construction without the proper permits, etc.

Do those of you that call Mr. Baker and his neighbors “hate filled and racists” have the nerve to learn the truth?

Why are you not taking up for Mr. Baker and his neighbors, where are THEIR rights? What about THEIR concerns?

It appears that so many, usually the “far left every thing goes lunitics” are quick to jump up and down and scream racists when anyone tries protecting our nation, our country, our homes and livelihood!!

I remind you, AGAIN, of what a CAIR Chairman stated in 1998 about the Islamic relgion and the Koran:

CAIR Chairman Omar M. Ahmad told a crowd of California Muslims in July 1998, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

We were apparently to blind to see back then…..but it is time to remove the “rose colored shades” covering our eyes and wake up to the invasion...not only by the TRUE meaning and intent of Islam, the Koran and the Islamic extremists but also the invasion by the illegal aliens due to the apparent lack of interest in our security and borders by many of our politicians.

For Article 1, see article “Katy, TX vs. Katy Islamic Association” written December 1, 2006.

Is Political Correctness Ruining America?

December 7, 2006

Political correctness (also politically correct or PC) is a term used to describe language, or behavior, which is claimed to be calculated to provide a minimum of offense, particularly to the racial, cultural, or other identity groups being described. Wikipedia

So we have:

Undocumented Workers….vs…………..ILLEGAL ALIEN
Insurgents…………………….vs………… TERRORISTS
Situation……………………….vs………….WAR ON TERROR
Immigration Reform………..vs…………..AMNESTY
Misunderstood Religion……vs…..…..….RADICAL ISLAMIC VIEWS
Withdraw in Iraq……………vs…………..CUT AND RUN

The above are just SOME of the “politically correct” language running around….

What about some of the “politically correct” behavior we have seen:

Breakfast with Santa turned into “Winter Wonderland Breakfast due to complaints of ONE person who considered Santa religious.

City’s around the country are not displaying “Nativity” scenes in fear of lawsuits and offending the minority.

City ordinance “noise levels” have been “revised” despite citizen complaints, so that mosque’s can to their “call to prayer” 5 times per day over loud speakers.

Ten Commandments statues and plaques ordered removed from some schools and city property.

The Pledge of Allegiance under attack by atheists as “unconstitutional”, some children refuse to stand during pledge.

Illegal Aliens take to the streets in 2006 around AMERICA and no one does anything about the disruption because it is “their right to protest”.

Disneyland and Disneyworld cater to gays and lesbians..a place that is famous for catering to our children

Traditional “marriage” under attack

Press “1” for English…..

And, as we know and see everyday…this list goes on!!


So the question….what is all this Politically Correct behavior doing to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA?

We have, unfortunately, catered to, and are thus becoming, an “anything I want to do goes, and to hell with everyone else” society. This has been, and continues to be a slipper slope that we have allowed ourselves to go down!!

ILLEGAL aliens want rights, even though they are not here legally in this country…what do our politicians do…………..free health care, anchor babies, free education, a matricula id, and now, even loans thru banks being considered and some approved!! All at the cost of the US Taxpayer!!

CHRISTMAS is under attack by those who hate the judeo-christian religion. Therefore the beauty of a nativity scene and soothing sounds of songs like “Silent Night” are indeed “silent” in many of the malls, the restaurants and other places that people gather! The majority of us who love Christmas and love the meaning of Christmas, while still enjoying all the festivities including gift giving and even Santa are being “crushed” under the weight of those who want to be “politically correct” despite our country’s deep seeded traditions.

MARRIAGE is being attacked by the gays and lesbians in an attempt to change the definition of what marriage is. The long standing traditional values that make up the core of a family are being ridiculed and laughed at for the “live and let live” attitude. Divorce has become an “easy out” and “infidelity” a “cure” for the boredoms of married life. Are we becoming a “Sodom and Gomorrah” society? I remember as a kid learning to spell, to remember family as: Father And Mother I Love You

RELIGION, the judeo-christian founding of our country and nation, is under attack! The Ten Commandants have had a “forced” removal from city properties and schools as “not to offend” the non-religious, the atheist, or the “immigrants” from other countries. They use the excuse “separation of church and state” for these “forced” removals but I do not believe our founding fathers would have agreed. Prayer in our schools has been abolished and even challenged at graduations and valedictorian speeches. It appears the “Christian” religion is the only one that is ever under a microscope and interfered with.

The PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE and our FLAG are constantly under attack. The atheists use the excuse they don’t like “under God” in the pledge, but I expect that that real reason is the hate of our country. Some feel they do not need to stand, even out of respect, when the Pledge is recited and they teach their children this same hate type action. There are those that think it is a “freedom of speech” right to desecrate and burn our Flag to protest not even thinking, or caring, that they are desecrating and dishonoring what our Flag stands for and the men and women that have died protecting its honor and the freedoms of the American people.


I understand that our great nation is made up of immigrants from all over the world. However, the difference between “back in the day” and “today” is that the immigrants that came to our country “back in the day” wanted nothing more than to be Americans.

They loved this country, loved what what this country stood for and wanted the “American Dream” for themselves and their family. They assimilated into the American culture and into American society, which does not mean they forgot their past cultures or traditions, but had they wanted to continue in their past they would never have immigrated to America…they wanted to be AMERICANS!!

“Todays” immigrants want everything that America has to offer, BUT they want America to assimilate to THEIR way of life!! Many refuse to learn the language of our country (English), but want our country to cater to their language. They want what America has to offer, but many want it handed to them on a silver platter and they think that ruining OUR culture and traditions to fit their own wants, needs and beliefs is perfectly acceptable!!

WE, as Americans, must wake up and fight to protect our country, its values, traditions and its sovereignty. We must keep a close eye on the politicians, both federal, state and local, continue to hound them to do the right thing for this country and vote them out of office if they do not comply. We must ban together, as many have done by blogging, writing our representatives, getting involved in forums and groups, and continue to get the word out and educating people!! If we don’t we will wake up one day and not know what country we are living in!!

Our American Flag

November 18, 2006


Our American Flag….The Stars and Stripes….Old Glory…..since 1777 it has been the symbol of liberty and freedom. It has gone with men into battle giving them hope, purpose and a sense of duty, and it has lovingly draped itself over the coffins of our fallen soldiers….holding back its tears so its beautiful colors do not bleed.

But what of our Flag……

The stars and stripes of the American flag originated as a result of a resolution adopted by the Marine Committee of the Second Continental Congress at Philadelphia on June 14, 1777.

The resolution read:

Resolved, that the flag of the United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field representing a new constellation.

Then, in 1818 President Monroe signed a bill requiring:

…that the flag of the United States have a union of 20 stars, white on a blue field, and that upon admission of each new State into the Union one star be added to the union of the flag on the fourth of July following its date of admission. The 13 alternating red and white stripes would remain unchanged. This act succeeded in prescribing the basic design of the flag, while assuring that the growth of the nation would be properly symbolized.

In 1960, the 50th and final star was added to our American Flag when Hawaii became part of the Union.

In 1861, Harry Beecher states about our Flag:

The Stars and Stripes has become a symbol of sovereignty. The writer Henry Ward Beecher said:

A thoughtful mind when it sees a nation’s flag, sees not the flag, but the nation itself. And whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag, the government, the principles, the truths, the history that belongs to the nation that sets it forth. The American flag has been a symbol of Liberty and men rejoiced in it.

The stars upon it were like the bright morning stars of God, and the stripes upon it were beams of morning light. As at early dawn the stars shine forth even while it grows light, and then as the sun advances that light breaks into banks and streaming lines of color, the glowing red and intense white striving together, and ribbing the horizon with bars effulgent, so, on the American flag, stars and beams of many-colored light shine out together ….”

Love and respect our Flag…love and respect those who have fought for it, beneath it, and were draped in it!!

For more information and history on our Nation’s Flag please visit:
Foundingfathers. Our thanks to them for their use of our banner and the information we were able to share with our readers.