CAIR speaks up on Ellison/Prager “debate”

December 5, 2006

Not surprisingly, Dennis Prager has been called every name in the “book” by lefty bloggers everywhere!! There are even some conversatives that don’t see the “hoop-la” over this issue (Koran vs. Bible) and have stated so!

There are still many of us out there that still see this as a “slap in the face” to America and the American people!! As is our right, we will continue to view this as an outrage in an attempt to protect our country from the “slippery slope” it is apparently headed down!!

But NOW, not surprisingly….CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) has “jumped into the mix” calling for Dennis Prager’s (who is Jewish, by the way) removal from the US Holocaust Museum council for his “bigoted, intolerant and devisive views..”!!

WHAT????? Isn’t this the “pot calling the kettle black”….bigoted, intolerant and devisive..????

I think Mike Gallagher is right in his post, Dennis Prager being “targeted”? when he writes:

You gotta hand it to some of these groups: they have some nerve. After all, it takes a lot of gall for a Muslim to try and dictate to a Jewish organization who they should and shouldn’t have on their governing board.

Like the thousands of illegal immigrants waving Mexican flags in the streets of America this summer demanding “rights”, there seems to be no shortage of “hutzpuh” on the part of some Muslim activists in our country.

Dennis Prager in his article “A response to my many critics-and a solution” shows he is neither bigoted nor racist! It appears from “some” of the comments to his article there are those that will not see the truth if it slaps them in the face!!

He also makes a point in stating:

I am for no law to be passed to prevent Keith Ellison or anyone else from bringing any book he wants to his swearing-in, whether actual or ceremonial. But neither I nor tens of millions of other Americans will watch in silence as the Bible is replaced with another religious text for the first time since George Washington brought a Bible to his swearing-in. It is not I, but Keith Ellison, who has engaged in disuniting the country. ……

NOW…for those of you who applaud CAIR for getting involved, let’s not forget who and what CAIR is and has been!!

Their “vision and mission” statement: “CAIR’s vision is to be a leading advocate for justice and mutual understanding. CAIR’s mission is to enhance understanding of Islam, encourage dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Muslims, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding”.

Sounds warm and fuzzy, huh???

Well, did you know that “Core Principal” #7 states: “CAIR believes the active pratice of Islam strenghtens the social and religious fabric of our nation”

Sooo…what “nation” are they speaking of?

Well, one CANNOT forget CAIRs involvement with terrorist organizations they continue to attempt to either “deny” or “distance themselves” from!!! Some facts some of you may have forgotten:

Los Angeles (10/28/98) – CAIR is calling on Los Angeles-based KCOP Television, Inc., channel 13, to remove billboards deemed offensive to Muslims. The billboards, reportedly seen in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Gabriel, and other cities, feature a picture of Usama Bin Laden with the headline “the sworn enemy.”

CAIR consistently defends other militant Islamic terrorists too. The conviction of the perpetrators of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing it deemed “a travesty of justice.” The conviction of Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind sheikh who planned to blow up New York City landmarks, it called a “hate crime.”

On Feb. 2, 1995, U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White named Siraj Wahhaj as one of the “unindicted persons who may be alleged as co-conspirators” in the attempt to blow up New York City monuments. Yet CAIR deems him “one of the most respected Muslim leaders in America” and includes him on its advisory board.

…the FBI’s former chief of counterterrorism, Steven Pomerantz, concludes that “CAIR, its leaders and its activities effectively give aid to international terrorist groups.”

CAIR has defamed moderate Muslims who reject its extremist agenda, leading to death threats against them.

The head of CAIR’s Los Angeles office, Hussam Ayloush, routinely uses the term “zionazi” when referring to Israelis. CAIR co-hosted an event in May 1998 at which an Egyptian militant Islamic leader, Wagdi Ghunaym, called Jews the “descendants of the apes.”
Read” CAIR: Moderate friends of terror by D.Pipes 04/22/02

And the scariest yet:

CAIR Chairman Omar M. Ahmad told a crowd of California Muslims in July 1998, “Islam isn’t in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran . . . should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on earth.”

There will be those of you that say, “that was then…this is now”! Don’t believe that for ONE second!! A leopard (especially THAT indoctrinated into their beliefs) don’t change their spots…they just hide them for awhile to “fit it”!!!

In my area, a year ago, a local radio talk show advocated a “Muslim March” through the streets with Americans from ALL backgrounds and nationalities marching with the muslims to denounce terrorism and their support for America..…and in the 2-3 months he attempted to put this together only 5, I repeat FIVE muslims offered to support this and march!! There were tons of others willing to march WITH THEM…but alas…what does THAT show also???

Soooo, THOSE of you who want to do nothing but bitch and complain about Dennis Prager, me or others who are attempting to defend our national sovereignty, go right ahead…you may be kicking and screaming all the way to a mosque one day!!!!


The issue goes beyond Keith Ellison

December 2, 2006

Even before being “sworn” in as a Congressman, Keith Ellison, has already caused great controversy and divide in America. In fact, this is my THIRD article on this subject alone!!!

Why, because of his statements regarding the use of a Koran for his “swearing in” ceramony!! His office calls the “outrage” by those of us that see this as a slap in the face as a “broo-haa-haa”…and goes into the “freedom of religion” stance!!

In my opinion, this is NOT a freedom of religion issue…this is an issue about AMERICAN values, traditions and culture and what AMERICA stands for!!

Let him take his prayer rug, face Mecca 5 times a day and pray away…. but do NOT throw the “religion” of people who want to kill Americans, who are at war with our Country and have killed and wounded our troops in the battlefield, into our face while taking an “oath” to protect and serve our country!!!!!!!

Although Ellison is going to use this as a “I’ll do what in the hell I want because I have the right” issue this goes way beyond Ellison… goes to the heart and soul of America!!!

Rymes with Right, who has a differing opinion regarding my stance on this particular issue, has made a good point of:

Frankly, my preference would be that every public official take their oath of office upon an open copy of the US Constitution in the hope of inspiring fidelity to THAT document.

I could go for that…….

And FautlineUSA has another excellent article I would suggest you reading on this subject and has another suggestion:

Perhaps it’s time for a constitutional amendment?

I submit for example: “No person shall hold any office or public Trust under the United States who adheres to or gives allegiance to any religion, ideology, or organization which by word, nature, association, or action has shown intent to undermine the sovereignty of these United States!”

Unfortunately, neither of these great suggestions will ever be considered in this politically correct society…..America, as we knew it, is slowly slipping and unless and until WE THE PEOPLE start shouting “no more” and continue to shout “no more”, not giving in or giving up, we will turn around one day and not even know where we are or what country we live in!!!

Theodore Roosevelt wrote in 1907:

“In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man’s becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people.”

We must also remember the saying:

“There are none so blind as he who will not see”

Ellison, the Koran and America

November 30, 2006

Well, there has been quite a bit of controversy surrounding Ellison’s future swearing in to his Congressional position on the Koran!! In fact, this is my second article on this subject.

There are those that say, “let him”, “who cares”, “freedom of religion”, blah, blah, blah….

Well to me, this is NOT a freedom of religion issue!! No one will be stopping him from bringing in his “prayer rug” and “praying toward Mecca” 5 times a day, by the way, in a TAXPAYER PAID OFFICE!!! Although I personally am uncomfortable with that, not allowing him to pray as he sees fit would be a freedom of religion issue! And, as a citizen of the United States and a taxpayer, it is my obligation to support our elected officials with my tax dollars regardless of whether I support their religious beliefs!

There are then the arguments that state this is a “religious test” which is also against Article VI of the Constitution. I say this is ALSO incorrect!!

Article VI of the Constitution states: “…no religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.” It seems like everyone is just seeing the words “no religious test” and NOT reading the rest of the sentence!!

As we can see, the fact that Ellison is a Muslim was NOT held against him whatsoever!! He was apparently qualified to run, did run, and was ulitmately elected by the 5th District of Minnesota (despite his apparent lack of ethics!)! Therefore, Article VI of the Constitution was upheld as we can all clearly see!!

Others “joke” about taking an oath on a cookbook, their plasma tv, etc, etc….

Well my friends, I personally, do not see this as a joking matter! For an elected office to take an oath to protect our country, its people, its Constitution, and who has the lives of our military men and women in their hands should be taken with grave seriousness!!

Our great nation is made up, not only of laws, but of traditions and values that, if we do not protect, will only serve to weaken the sovereignty of our Country even more!!

Considering the majority of the terrorists are of the Islamic “faith” (FACT), base their faith on the Koran, state their “faith and their book” claims they are to “kill the infidels” (which we have witnessed through the suicide bombers, the beheadings, etc), state they “hate America and all western ideals”……for an elected official of OUR COUNTRY to take on oath on a “book” that is totally against our country and what we, as Americans stand for, but yet promising to uphold our Constitution and its laws, is, not only an oxymoron, but would be a SLAP IN THE FACE to our nation and the American people!!

For an excellent read on this subject see: The Untied States of America by Kobayashi Maru.

For a differing opinion see: Dennis Prager Dead Wrong on Ellison and Koran by Rhymes with Right

Keith Ellison to take oath on Koran?

November 28, 2006

Recently elected to fill the vacancy that is being left by Martin Sabo, who is retiring after his 28 years in Congress, is Democrat Keith Ellison who will be representing Minnesota’s 5th District, when he is sworn in January 2007.

Mr. Ellison will make history as the first Muslim to ever sit in Congress. So…what is the problem some people ask???

Well, other than Mr. Ellison’s stellar records as a “citizen” and state representative, by having his drivers license suspended (he couldn’t remember how many times) due to failure to pay multiple fines and traffic tickets, to the IRS putting a lien on his home for late and back taxes between 1992 and 2000 (which was later paid in excess of $18,000) to his campaign finance violations and misinformation (from the soon to be “cleanest congress in history)…….what other problems could there be??

First off, Mr. Ellison totally downplayed his Muslim faith, never bringing it to the forefront and only mentioned it briefly when asked a specific question. Call me whatever you wish, but in these pre 9/11 days, when all over the world Muslim terrorists are shouting “Death to America”, “kill the infidels”, etc..I feel this IS an issue!!

Mr. Ellison received funds and support from CAIR (Council for American-Islamic Relations) who IS known for post 9/11 ties to terrorism and in which many of the CAIR officials were convicted of, or pled guilty to, support of Islamic terrorists!! Mr. Ellison was then to appear at CAIR’s banquet as a guest speaker, but apparently, back-peddled out of it!

Mr. Ellison appears to have been less than honest in his dealing with the Nation of Islam and and in his “disagreeable” dealings..for example:

At a rally for the Million Man March held at the University of Minnesota, Ellison appeared onstage with Khalid Abdul Muhammad, who ran true to form: According to a contemporaneous Star Tribune article, “If words were swords, the chests of Jews, gays and whites would be pierced.”

In a November 6, 1995, column for the Minneapolis periodical Insight News, Ellison wrote under the name “Keith X Ellison.” He condemned a Star Tribune editorial cartoon that was critical of Farrakhan as a role model for blacks because of his anti-Semitism. Ellison argued to the contrary.

Then, in February 1997, Ellison appeared as a local spokesman for the Nation of Islam with the last name “Muhammad.” ….published in the Minneapolis Spokesman-Recorder, Elli son said:

We stand by the truth contained in the remarks attributed to [Ms. Jackson]……..Ellison’s May 28 letter acknowledges only that others supported Jackson’s alleged statement in that controversy while falsely denying that he himself did so.

…in 1998, when he ran for the DFL nomination for state representative as “Keith Ellison-Muhammad.” In a contemporaneous article on his candidacy in the Insight News, Ellison is reported still defending Louis Farrakhan.

Ellison says now that he broke with the Nation of Islam when “it became clear to me that their message of empowerment intertwined with more negative messages.” However, Ellison himself was the purveyor of the Nation of Islam’s noxious party line in his every public utterance touching on related issues over the course of a decade. Moreover, Ellison’s unsavory associations were not limited to the Nation of Islam.

Perhaps the lowest moment in Minneapolis’s history was the September 1992 execution-style murder of police officer Jerry Haaf. Haaf was shot in the back as he took a coffee break at a restaurant in south Minneapolis. The murder was a gang hit performed by four members of the city’s Vice Lords gang. The leader of the Vice Lords was Sharif Willis, a convicted murderer who had been released from prison and who sought respectability as a responsible gang leader from gullible municipal authorities while operating a gang front called United for Peace.

Within a month of Haaf’s murder, Ellison appeared with Willis supporting the United for Peace gang front. In October 1992, Ellison helped organize a demonstration against Minneapolis police that included United for Peace.

Ellison publicly supported the Haaf murder defendants. In February 1993, he spoke at a demonstration for one of them during his trial. Ellison led the crowd assembled at the courthouse in a chant that was ominous in the context of Haaf’s cold-blooded murder: “We don’t get no justice, you don’t get no peace.”

The various themes of Ellison’s public commitments and associations all came together in a February 2000 speech he gave at a fundraising event sponsored by the Minnesota chapter of the far-left National Lawyers Guild, on whose steering committee he had served. The event was a fundraiser for former Symbionese Liberation Army member Kathleen Soliah after her apprehension in St. Paul (under the name “Sara Jane Olson”) for the attempted murder of Los Angeles police officers in 1975.

Ellison weirdly referred to Soliah/ Olson as a “black gang member” (she is white) and thus a victim of government persecution. ….He also spoke favorably of cop killers Mumia Abu-Jamal and Assata Shakur. (Shakur has been on the lam in Cuba since 1984; last year she was placed on the FBI’s domestic terrorists list with a one million dollar reward for her capture.)

For complete article read Scott Johnson’s “Louis Farrakhan’s First Congressman” from Weekly Standard.

After THAT background, we now have Mr. Ellison stating that he will not take his oath of office on the Bible, but on the Koran!!

I’m sorry, but does that not make anyone nervous whatsoever!!?? We have Islamic terrorist spouting the Koran and yelling “Allah Akbar” before blowing people up, beheading people, etc!! Now, I am NOT SAYING that Ellison is or has condonned those types of actions, BUT, with the “ties” to CAIR and the Nation of Islam I am a bit more cautious!

Also, I do NOT believe that the oath of office to protect this country should be taken except on the Bible…the Koran is unacceptable!! This is AMERICA and Ellison is swearing to PROTECT THIS COUNTRY…NOT Islam! It does make one wonder what side would he be on if it came down to “brass tacks”!!!

Dennis Prager made some excellent points in his article: America, not Keith Ellison, decides what book a congressman takes his oath on .

Devotees of multiculturalism and political correctness who do not see how damaging to the fabric of American civilization it is to allow Ellison to choose his own book need only imagine a racist elected to Congress. Would they allow him to choose Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” the Nazis’ bible, for his oath? And if not, why not? On what grounds will those defending Ellison’s right to choose his favorite book deny that same right to a racist who is elected to public office?

…But for all of American history, Jews elected to public office have taken their oath on the Bible, even though they do not believe in the New Testament, and the many secular elected officials have not believed in the Old Testament either. …. Nor has one Mormon official demanded to put his hand on the Book of Mormon. And it is hard to imagine a scientologist being allowed to take his oath of office on a copy of “Dianetics” by L. Ron Hubbard.

When all elected officials take their oaths of office with their hands on the very same book, they all affirm that some unifying value system underlies American civilization. If Keith Ellison is allowed to change that, he will be doing more damage to the unity of America and to the value system that has formed this country than the terrorists of 9-11.

When does political correctness end? This is America, and although we are made up of many cultures and backgrounds, we are to come together as ONE NATION if our country is to survive!!!

Another great article can be found at Power Lines, Keith Ellison for Dummies by Scott Johnson.

My last question……how cold was it in Minnesota in November? It seems like the 5th District may have had a “brain freeze”!!!